Alexander Hamilton

By: Sierra Griffith


Do you know who the most talented man and writer of the quote "A Promise Must Never Be Broken." ? Well, the answer is Sir Alexander Hamilton. You will learn about the education that made him who he was. You will learn about Alexander's much disliked Law Career. And finally, you will learn about how Alexander's life came to an end. Alexander Hamilton was a talented and smart man. He accomplished many things in his lifetime.

Law Career

Alexander Hamilton was a man of many talents, and one of them was a career in Law. General Schuyler urged Hamilton to get into Law, and he finally did. The job did not suit Alexander at all. His first child had just been born and all that mattered to him was that he could support his family. The job paid quite poorly. Even though he hated being a lawyer, Alexander didn't give up. During this much disliked career, Alexander journeyed south to Philadelphia. He was a congressman for about 1 year, and he barely accomplished anything. Later, Alexander and James Madison formed a temporary political alliance for three invaluable years during the fight for the Federal Constitution. Hamilton also served in the Continental Congress, which again was pointless and unsuccessful for Hamilton. Now you know about Alexander Hamilton's much disliked Law Career.


Alexander Hamilton was very smart. He was a very dedicated student from the beginning. He started at Kings College in 1773 at age 13. On his first year, he studied Latin, Greek, mathematics, philosophy, chemistry, and anatomy. He hung out with a group of very dedicated students like himself. The group included Nicholas Fish, Samuel and Henry Nicoll, Robert Truop, and himself. Alexander and Robert became lifelong friends. Surprisingly, Alexander and his friends did not spend all their time on their studies. They met up in a club for men to improve "the composition of debate and pubic speaking." Hamilton learned that he enjoyed speaking in front of others, and also realized he had an exceptional talent for it. Hamilton practiced his debating, and his mind began to fill up high with ideas. Words flowed out of his mouth fluently and clearly. Alexander became the best public speaker and debater among the members. Alexander later became a member of the Sons of Liberty. Now you know how Alexander Hamilton became as smart as he was.

Deadly Duel

Alexander Hamilton was an amazing man in his lifetime. But sadly all lifetimes must come to an end. Alexander Hamilton passed away on July 11,1804. Aaron Burr was a lifelong friend of Alexander Hamilton. He was the 3rd Vice President of the United States to Thomas Jefferson. After unsuccessfully running for the U.S. Presidency, he became Vice President. Aaron Burr blamed Alexander for him not winning the presidency. Burr challenged Hamilton to a duel, and Hamilton accepted. On the day of the duel, they each took 10 steps forward and shot. Hamilton's shot missed, but Burr's shot hit Hamilton in the side. Hamilton was dead. Aaron Burr had survived though. That night, Burr went home to his wife and 5 children, while Hamilton's family was left with no explanation as to why their dear husband and father had never come home. Hamilton was an amazing man who loved every member of his large family. They deserved a father and husband, but thanks to Aaron Burr, Hamilton never went home again after that day.


So now you know a little bit more than you did about Alexander Hamilton, the famous Revolutionary war character. He was very smart, and education was very important to him. He had many talents and one of them was a disliked career in Law. Unfortunately, Alexander Hamilton passed away on July 11, 1804, due to a deadly duel with his best friend. Alexander was an amazing man, and did many things. I hope you learned a lot about Alexander and his extraordinary life and talents.


Duel- A fight between 2 people that includes the use of weapons. (noun)

Accomplish- To succeed in doing something. (transitive verb)

Debate- A discussion between people in which they express different opinions about something. (noun)

Alliance- The state of being joined in such activity or effort. The state of being allied. (noun)

Congressman- Someone who is a member of a congress and especially the U.S. House of Representatives. (noun)



Alexander Hamilton By: William Wise

Alexander Hamilton The Outsider By: Jean Thrity

Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr By: Russel Crouse


10 Interesting Facts

1. Alexander Hamilton started college at age 13, though he may have lied about his age.

2. He had eight children. Six boys, and two girls.

3. Alexander Hamilton was only 59 when he passed away.

4. He participated in the Boston Tea Party.

5. He was also in the Military.

6. Alexander Hamilton worked with James Madison during his Law Career.

7. Alexander Hamilton's birthday is January 11th.

8. Alexander and his oldest son were killed in the same circumstances and at the same location.

9. It took more than 200 years to properly build a monument for Alexander Hamilton.

10. Alexander's wife's name was Elizabeth Schuyler.