Stepping Into 6th Grade

April 13th - April 17th


While students are working from home, please make sure they are reading 30 minutes or more each day. We want those reading skills to be on point when we go back to school. Also encourage your child to be checking Google Classroom for the Monday Check-In forms and review work that will be assigned. Right now there are many options for students to choose from to review Main/Central Idea and Supporting Details. Next week We miss all of you so much and love to hear from you, so please keep reaching out!

If you have any questions or concerns Please Contact:

Mrs. Clark:

Mrs. Clark:

Ms. Hervey:


As we enter the third week of this closure, I want to take the time to thank you for all you are doing to help your students during this time. We appreciate your patience, understanding, and flexibility during this time. We miss all of our students and we hope they are staying safe.

Last Week: Thank you to all that completed the activities and submitted your work into the Google Forms. We had an introduction activity on Monday, and activities on Wednesday and Friday that covered Unit 1: Area and Surface Area.

This Week: We will continue to use videos and Google Forms for activities this week. We will have two activities on Monday and Tuesday for Unit 2 and then two more activities on Thursday and Friday for Unit 3. We hope that you continue to perform these activities and even share pictures with us! We miss seeing your smiling faces! If you share pictures with us, please let us know if you are comfortable with us sharing those pictures on our school Twitter accounts! If you don't feel comfortable with use posting these photos, that is okay, just let us know!

Monday: Writing Ratio Sentences and Drawing Double Number Lines or Tables

Tuesday: Creating and Solving Problems that Require a Triple Number Line

Wednesday: No Activities

Thursday: Finding Coupons and Shopping Deals

Friday: Finding Your Speed

If you have any questions or concerns Please Contact:

Ms. Grant:

Ms. Lechiara:


Last week, your student will be finishing up their learning about the water cycle with a project on drought prevention.

This week, your student will work on an engineering design challenge that involves building an obstacle course. Feel free to build your own with them, or encourage your family members to build their own! All these resources can be found on the 6th grade website on the Science tab, and on Google Classroom.

If you have any questions or concerns Please Contact:

Ms. Hemken:

Ms. Doering:

Social Studies

Students have been shared a document called Distance Learning Activities in their Google Classroom. There are several activities for students to choose from. They can dig further into civilization we have covered, create their own civilization, or explore other historical people and events.

We are keeping in touch with students through a google form check-in sheet we will send out every Monday. We will also have set up Flipgrids for students to video respond to us, and occasionally be using Google Meets to live video chat with students if they desire.

If you have any questions or concerns Please Contact:

Mr. Hoskins:,

Mrs. Windmann: