(Philadelphia Abolition Society)

The history of PAS

The Philadelphia Abolition Society known as PAS started in 1688 by Quakers who protested about slavery. As time went on, Vermont was the first state to abolish slavery in the year 1777. In 1787 the PAS alters the constitution to non-Quaker membership and elected Richard Allen and Absalom Jones to be honorary president to organize the free African Society. Since the PA amended a 1790 slavery act that forbids removal of African Americans from the state, in 1790, the society tries to create Committee for the Improvement of the Condition of Free Negroes. The PAS is still around today and are still contributing to the cause.

Education of the PAS

The mission of PAS in regards to education

The PAS tries to provide education to African Americans by providing free education and private schools.

The Jobs of the PAS

The mission of PAS in regards to jobs/workforce

The PAS was focused on doing the following.

  1. Doing a campaign to abolish slavery
  2. Aiding kidnapped free blacks and, where possible, fugitive slaves in courts of law.
  3. Establishing education for, and financial support to, free communities of color.

The Impact of the PAS

The impact that PAS had on the Black Community in Philadelphia

The PAS helped spread word to abolish slavery in states that still had slavery.

You Can Take Action

Here's How You Can Contribute to the Cause

You can donate to the Philadelphia foundation and participate in programs that they have and participate that the meetings.

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