Celebrations / Holidays

Like us we celebrate holidays but their holidays are a little bit different than ours. The holidays they have are New Years, Orthodox Christmas, Fatherland defenders, Women's day, Radonista (day after Orthodox Easter), Union Day of Belarus and Russia, Day of the national emblem, Day of remembrance of the Chernobyl, Labour Day, Victory Day, Day of remembrance of the victims, Independence Day, Kupalle, October revolution day, Catholic Christmas.

National park Pripyatsky

National park Pripyatsky is one of the four national parks of Belarus, is located between the rivers Pripyat, Stviga, and Ubort. In the pristine nature in the valley of the Pripyat river there are unique swamps and inundated oak woods, rich natural resources represent the fascinating land called Polesie, which is unparalleled in Europe and the rest of the world.
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