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Opportunities tay connected to your tradition and community!

Get Connected & Stay Connected after B'nai Mitzvah!

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs is a wonderful accomplishment. You worked many years to prepare for this special moment in your Jewish life and you have every reason to celebrate this great accomplishment! It's important to remember that B'nai Mitzvah is not graduation from Jewish life, but a rite of passage that brings you to the next stage of Jewish life! And at CBHT, we want to make the next stage of Jewish learning and leadership both meaningful and fun!

Our Kadima Program

Our Kadima class, for teens in 8th and 9th grade, meets 14 times per year (just 7 times each semester) for an hour and a half. We always start with pizza and soda (or water!) in Dave Hall to give you a chance to relax and talk to your friends in and hang out with the confirmation class.

Following lunch, we go to the Teen Lounge where we have our Kadima session. Kadima (Hebrew for "moving forward") sessions are facilitated by Lauren, but led by YOU! This is about your exploration of how your Jewish tradition connect to your real life as a teen and young adult. How does Judaism work in the real world for you? We'll have discussion and activities and projects that honor this stage in your life as you grow into Jewish adulthood, while still being engaging and fun.

Our Madrichim Program

The Madrichim (Teacher Aide) program* is an opportunity for Temple Teens to give back to the Religious School and gain in the process. Madrichim are assigned to work with a class where they assist the teacher in implementing lessons and act as tutors and role models for our younger students. Madrichim work from 9:15 to noon. In the first year, all Madrichim work as volunteers (and these hours may count toward National Junior Honor Society and other clubs that encourage volunteerism). Following their first year, Madrichim earn $18 per session.

*All Madrichim are required to participate in Kadima and Confirmation classes. However, you may take part in Kadima and Confirmation without being a Madrich or Madrichah.

Make CBHT Part of Your Teen Years! Kadima!