Burning Questions...

How should questions lead to effective internet research?

Where it all began...

Our Theory of Action:

If... we use "see-think--wonder" alongside a Q-chart

to... develop inquiry skills, ideas and opinions

then... students will have depth in the thinking leading to independent self-driven learning.

First Attempts

  • Show students a thought provoking image and have them generate questions
  • Place questions on a Q-chart and find missing questions
  • Students completed the exit card: "I was thinking about what ________ said and I was wondering if..."
  • Large laminated Q-chart in our classrooms for reference

Some of our images

Prediction 1. There will still be an Internet.

After reading "4 Predictions for students' tomorrows," we decided to create the following Google Slide showing how to improve internet searches led by strong questioning.

Some of the projects we used this year were:

  • Sustainable Cities (Geography, Language Arts)
  • Burning Questions (all curriculum connections are possible)

What's Next?