School Uniforms

By: Jaci Spence

School uniforms are not what you want so why wear them?It’s like going to a movie theater and not getting popcorn!I’m going to put my foot down and say I hate school uniforms.

One main reason why i’m against school uniforms is because they are inconvenient.My whole class thinks that they are ichey like sweaters.They are treacherous because they could give you a rash.My teacher, Mrs.Sanders, told us a story about her daughter Caitlyn.She was trying to pull down her zipper, but every time it got stuck.Eventually she would wet her pants.They are powerful because they MAKE you wet your pants.That means they are just hard to unzip.All of this proves that they are inconvenient.

Also, I hate school uniforms because they are embarrassing and they cost money.I’m also against school uniforms because you can only pick from three colors and they make you wear it.They really make you wear it and they cost just as much as your regular clothes.I have no idea why they would MAKE you wear clothes and all you would have in your closet is your school clothes.Also, if you go somewhere after school you would be wearing your school uniform.That makes me feel embarrassed, ALOT.

Finally, I disagree with school uniforms because of your wardrobe.There Is an immense amount of people that wear school uniforms.Sense you can only pick from three colors, hunter green, white, and red, there is only a couple pairs of clothes in your closet.You would have to wash clothes every day!If you don't wash them they will be stinky!Because there are only three colors, you have to buy more than one.Your wardrobe would only have three pairs of clothes in it.

I am not sure who came up with school uniforms, but I do not agree with them.I do not agree with them because they are inconvenient, they could be a fraction of a cost, and you only have three pairs of clothes in your wardrobe.Eventually i’m going to ban school uniforms.Doctor Thurman, I think that you should never give students at Ward Central Elementary school uniforms.