Aish DC Young Professionals

Weekly Update

Combat and Cookout

Sunday, June 2 @4:00 PM

Learn how to fight like a pro in our body combat and self-defense class with an Israeli-trained combat instructor, followed by a barbecue featuring healthier grilled fare.

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Love, Intimacy and the Rose Colored Glasses with Lori Palatnik

Tuesday, June 4 @7:30 PM

A Jewish approach to the difference between true love and infatuation, physical attraction, and the power of intimacy with renowned motivational speaker Lori Palatnik.
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Friday Night Live! Tropical Edition

Friday, June 14 @7:45 PM

Say Aloha to Shabbat and join us for a Tropical-themed dinner, featuring Hawaiian chicken, pina coladas, and more!
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Kabbalah 201: Discover Your Spiritual DNA!

Tuesdays at 7:45 PM

  • The Creation of Mankind in the "Image of God"
  • The 10 Sefirot: Building Blocks of Creation and the Core of our Personalities
  • The 7 Core Character Traits
  • The 3 "Flaws" of Mankind

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Save the Date for Other Upcoming Events with Aish DC Young Pros

Friday Night Live! American Edition- Our monthly Shabbat dinners continue on July 12 with an Independence Day theme, complete with fried chicken and apple pie.

Iron Chef DC:
Put your cooking skills to the test at our cooking challenge on August 14.