Breast Cancer Awareness


Routine check ups are important

Im sure someone you know has had this disease. Every 3 years you should have a mammogram which is a test and yearly once women reach their 40's. If you know your family has a history of breast cancer hopefully you are getting screened.

The Numbers..

In 2015, 231,840 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. By 2015, 40,290 women are expected to die from breast cancer. With these staggering statistics, I hope you consider getting tested. It can happen to anybody.


There are many types of breast cancer and stages depending on how severe the cancer is.

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There is now way to for sure stop breast cancer but there are linked to prevention that you should know.This includes body weight, diet, and exercise. If your family has a history of breast cancer then you should be getting tested regularly. Drinking alcohol also is linked to a higher risk of breast cancer
This topic is close to me because my grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. My family has donated money to cancer research and feels good because your money could help find a cure for cancer.