Sophie Johnson

My Future Shines Bright Like A Diamond

All About Me

My name is Sophie and I am 13 years old. I have 1 brother (Toby~15) and 1 sister (Callie~12). I like to sing and draw, I also enjoy FCCLA ( Family Career Communication Leaders of America). The rest of this project is going to go into more specific details about me.

Interest Areas

~ My Strongest Interest Area is Social

~ My Second Strongest Interest Area is Intellectual

~ My Weakest Interest Area is Physical

Personality Color Chart...BLUE!!

This personality type is a very social, people who are caring and considerate toward other people. They hate to see others hurting. They want to be the peacemakers among their peers. They are very compassionate, honest and loyal to their friends. They are not very competitive. They are somewhat creative and like to work in groups. They don't do well in a structured class room.

Multiple Intelligence

~Verbal: 27 points

~Logical: 21 points

~Visual: 25 points

~Interpersonal: 36 points

~Musical: 35 points
~Naturalistic: 18 points

~Kinesthetic: 27 points

~Intrapersonal: 24 points

Personality Type....Social Humanitarian

This represents the group of people who are people persons. They enjoy helping others, communicating, and socializing. They are generous with their time and money. They are genuinely concerned about the well being of others physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.

Brain Orientation

I am Right Brained.

Right Brain is more creative and spontaneous.

Kuder Career Interests Assessment

~ Performing Arts

~ Early Childhood Development and Services

~ Visual Arts

~ Personal Care Services

~Marketing Communication

Kuder Work Values Assessment

~ Workplace

~ Innovation

~ Accomplishment

~ Income

~ Prestige

My Favorite Video!

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain

Favorite Band And Song

One Direction Is my favorite band And my favorite song is Story Of My Life by One Direction.

My Future Education

I want to attend Harding University!

I will get a Bachelors Degree in Nursing.

My Future Career

I will move back to Harrison and work as a Nurse.

My Desired Lifestyle

Once I finish College and start my career, of course I want to get married and start a family. I want a big family, I want to have 3 to 4 kids and then foster to adopt kids. I would like to build my own home to make it suit my style. I want a big yard and I want a big dog.