Update Re: Neighboring Districts

Franklin County Schools will go fully remote until January

November 9, 2020

Dear LLCSD Students and Families:

I am writing tonight to provide you with an update on upcoming changes at our neighboring school districts. Our communities are tightly tied together and I felt it was important to reach out to make sure that you have the facts on who, what, when, where, and why.

This evening schools in Franklin County announced a shift to full remote instruction, beginning Thursday in the north end of Franklin County and Monday in the south end of the county. This is at the urging of Franklin County Public Health and due to a recent increase in positive cases in the north end of Franklin County.

Long Lake Central School District is not a part of this shift to remote instruction. Hamilton County has not seen the same level of community spread and infection rates in Hamilton County do not yet warrant closure.

However, this announcement will still impact our students who attend classes at the Adirondack Education Center — our BOCES center - located in Saranac Lake. Those students will shift to remote instruction for classes starting next week. It will also impact families with any connections to Franklin County schools.

We fully support our neighboring districts. These are very challenging times that require us all to work together in ways that we never have before. I will continue to remain in close contact and regular communication with our neighboring districts in all counties, as well as our three neighboring school districts in Hamilton County, and of course Hamilton County Public Health.

It's important for me to emphasize how fortunate we are to currently remain in-person at 100%. The reality is that our systems are very fragile and vulnerable, and takes each and every one of us to keep our school open for in-person instruction. It's so very important that we all stay the course and remain vigilant in wearing masks, social distancing, refraining from large gatherings, and practicing good health hygiene - in school and outside of school. This is very hard. We are all fatigued. The holidays are coming, and cold weather too. I have faith that we can do this, but we have to really do our part for one another - for our local business, for the health of our community, and to keep our school open for in-person instruction. The current situation in northern Franklin County is evidence of how fast this virus can spread at a community level. Our choices as a collective community are within our control and can make the difference in our ability to remain open for in-person instruction.

Please know that we will continue to monitor the data on community spread and consult with Hamilton County Public Health on a regular basis, as we have since the start of this pandemic. Should any changes be needed we will consider each situation as it arises.

You can read a full press release prepared by FEH BOCES by visiting their website.


Ms. Noelle J. Short



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