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3rd Grade Class

What's New??

Wow! I can not believe that next week will be Thanksgiving Break, these days are going so quickly. We are working very hard in our classroom to become thinkers in every subject. Thanks for all of your support at home, I really would not be able to do this without your help :)


In reading we are still working on understanding Informational or Nonfiction text better. Last week we learned how to find the Big Idea or Main Idea of Informational articles and books. This week we are learning how to summarize and take notes from articles and books. I am also working with small groups in reading, within these groups I work on the individual needs of readers. The strategies I have been targeting is retelling, plot, and making meaning of informational text. Please, Please, Please make sure that your child is reading at home this is very important! As a child I loved going to the public library because it gave me more options to choose from, if you're able, you should try this too. You can also try reading articles from the internet and the newspaper this will help practice the skills that we are learning in class.


Our Information Books are coming along. I am hoping to have these finished before Christmas Break. We are working hard to make sure that we revise our writing and learn new skills to become better Information writers. This week we are working on transition words, elaborating writing, and including ideas instead of just facts. It is AMAZING how much the students have grown as writers, it really makes me happy.


Last week we finished with Multiplication, and I am confident in knowing that the students know the concept of multiplication and not just how to memorize facts. The memorization is important as well but knowing the concept makes things a little easier. This Friday the students will have a test on the 2's and next week before Thanksgiving Break will be the test on the 3's. Please use flashcards and any other resource to ensure that your child is learning their Multiplication Facts. A lot of people did not do well on the Vocabulary portion of the Chapter Test. Please make sure that your child is studying his/her vocabulary cards every night. These math terms are very important. This week we have started Division and I can already tell that this is more challenging than Multiplication. If your child is having trouble with homework please do not spend a tremendous amount of time with it, I will help in class.


Last week we began to started learning about Sound. We are having a lot of fun inquiring about sound.

SC History

Last week we started Chapter 5 which is about the American Revolutionary War. I try to make SC History really fun, so please ask about what we are learning and doing in class. I want students to understand that History is just a huge story and this makes things easier.


  • Please encourage your child to make nice things for their Secret Pal.
  • Thursday, November 21 is the Last Day of the Book Fair!
  • Boosterthon is coming to an end, please encourage your child to ask for pledges to raise money for their school as well as their classroom
  • Multiplication Test on 2's Friday
  • Multiplication Test on 3's Next Tuesday, 26
  • Have a great Thanksgiving!!!
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