Jay Gatsby (James "Jimmy" Gatz)

By Jeffery Weiermann

American Dream

Gatsby's American Dream would of been Get Rich and win Daisy back.

What he did.

While Gatsby was away at Trinity College he received a note from Daisy telling him that she married the wealthy Tom Buchanan. After he got that note he dedicated his life to becoming rich to win back Daisy’s love.

He never reaches his American Dream because he was killed

Current American dream

This new dream features a fantasy of young, unattached men and women enjoying a degree of affluence and personal freedom that is unheard of in most societies.

American Dream

The american dream isn't better attainable the dream is saying no one is attached it makes it seem like every relationship is just a one night stand. Then there is no one living the American Dream


I feel that the theme is something like "if you love it let it go, and if it loves you it will come back". I have no textual evidence but from reading this book I feel it is easy to understand why I am saying this. My only evidence is because Gatsby loved Daisy, then had to let her go (because of war stupid war always getting in the way) but she came back. Then left again...