Friday Review

Friday, September 16

Mr. Terrell Williams Receives Math Grant

Congratulations to Mr. Terrell Williams for being selected as a recipient of the Explore Learning Reflex Educator Grant Program. The Grant provides access to the world's most effective math fact fluency system for 12 months.

Mr. Williams wrote the grant to use the Reflex program with his inclusion group to help them build those essential skills that they're going to need in order to be successful not only in the 6th grade math, but as they move forward. The Grant Program provides full use of Reflex, an online game-based system that enables students of all abilities to develop instant recall of math facts, for one classroom of students. Reflex is an adaptive, individualized math fact fluency system that’s helping students across the U.S., Canada, and the world make tremendous gains with their math facts. Their success is enabling them to tackle higher math concepts with confidence. Way to go Mr. Williams!

Wacky Wednesday Winners Announced!

Teachers, please congratulate the following students for winning the latest Wacky Wednesday drawing:

6th Grade: D'Nijah Campbell, Jaylen Madden, and Cerenity Willis

7th Grade: Janiya McInnis, Tykeem Smith, and Austin Wood

8th Grade: Kaala Clark, April Lee, and Zane Troublefield

The next Wacky Wednesday will be held on Wednesday, October 12. The prize will be for a Shopping Spree to the school Book Store!

PBIS Celebration Student Survey: Please have students complete this survey by 9/23/16. Link is also located on the school webpage.

What's New?

  • New Dismissal Procedures: Beginning Monday, student dismissal will be staggered. Dismissal phases will be announced over the intercom. Car rider dismissal will be announced first, followed by Zone 1 bus riders. Next we will dismiss Zone 2 bus riders and finally Zone 3 bus riders. Teachers will need to stand in their doorway to monitor both behavior inside the classroom and students in the hallway. Students should remain quiet and on the green line while walking to dismiss for the school day. Students will no longer be contained in the cafeteria for dismissal. When they are called, they need to go to the bus loop immediately and quickly. See your SIT representative or Mr. Dunham for futher clarification. Thank you for your patience as we figure this all out together in a way that is safe for our students and economically efficient for our district.
  • If you have keys that don't fit your file cabinets and/or desks, please turn them in to Ms. Kingston in the front office. Mr. Litty has cataloged what we have but we're still missing keys.
  • Remember to use the 2016-2017 SHMS Faculty & Staff CANVAS course as a central location for your information. Past Friday Reviews, staff meeting information, and important links can be found in this course. New in our CANVAS course: A daily "shout out" to a teacher who is ROARing, data driven, or demonstrating a "growth mindset."
  • SIT Minutes from last week's meeting on Thursday, September 15 can be viewed at
  • Cafeteria Information for Staff: All staff should make sure they have money in their accounts in the cafeteria, or have cash/check on hand for their purchases. Tea and juice is not included in the meal. If staff would like to use their own cups, there are no refills. You must pay for another serving of tea/juice. Ice and water will be available in the dining area of the Cafeteria daily by 7:30 am for all staff.
  • Breakfast: Teachers please discuss with your students:

    Starting on Monday, September 19, 2016 student that do not want any part of their breakfast can place their breakfast in the basket that will be on a chair placed in the hallway leading from the Cafeteria. This will be our new procedure for students that may need a little something extra in their day.

Student Club Registration Process

Student Club registration will begin on Monday. Students must be signed into their accounts to complete the club registration. Club registration sheets BY GRADE LEVEL will be provided to team leaders to distribute as needed. These sheets are intended to provide more detailed information to students before they register for a club. Club registration needs to be completed by Friday, September 23 at 3:00pm. Club registration links will be provided on the school’s website for easy access.

6th Grade Club Registration Link:

7th Grade Club Registration Link:

8th Grade Club Registration Link:

Be Hungry (Fight For It) - Motivational Short Story ᴴᴰ

General Reminders

  • All 1st semester Field Trips are due to CO by September 30.

  • THANK YOU for signing up to work our Fall sports. We can't do this without you! There are still some slots available. Should you need to change your duty, please see or email Mr. Dunham at

  • The EVAAS 2015-16 district and school reports for end-of-grade and end-of-course assessments are now available on the EVAAS site. Student projections for end-of-grade assessments as well as some end-of-course assessments are also available through the various EVAAS reports. Additional reports will be available later this fall. See Mr. Smith if you need assistance with EVAAS.

  • All teachers are asked to document all bounces in Educators Handbook as a minor incident. A paper copy of bounces is optional, but bounces documented in Educators Handbook is required. If anyone is having trouble with Educators Handbook, please see Mr. Dunham.

  • Please ensure that you call the parent every time you bounce or give that student an office referral.

  • Always remember to enter your discipline on the date that it occurred. Do not hold or wait to enter it in.

  • Only Child Nutrition Employees should be behind the serving line or in the kitchen of the cafeteria.

  • Please turn in all blue Annual Health Status forms to the school nurse along with any other medical forms that you may still be holding on to.
  • Mass emails to the staff are not allowed unless approved by Mr. Smith. All information for the faculty and staff must appear in the Friday Review.
  • If you wear jeans on Friday, it must be with a school shirt.
  • Technology work orders are to be given to Mrs. Ruth Ann Harris in the Media Center.
  • Maintenance and heating/air conditioning work orders are to be given to Mr. Dunham.
  • If students are held after dismissal for disciplinary purposes, inform the office so buses can be held if necessary.

School-Wide Committee Chairs

Thank you and congratulations to our new school-wide committee chairs! They are:

  • Pam Best and Carrie Macy, Academic Committee
  • Dan Hersey, Athletic Committee
  • Jamilia Williams, Awards Committee
  • Christina Snell, MTSS Team
  • Debbie Mears and Kurt Oswald, Safety Committee
  • Jamie Bream and Terrell Williams, Social Committee

Committee chairs, please submit your first meeting date to Mary Locklear (SIT Chair) by Thursday, September 22. A sign up genius will appear in next week's Friday Review so faculty and staff can sign up to serve on a committee.

Curriculum Corner

  • Next Week:Tuesday’s PLC 9/20/16- Those of you that have access, please complete your EVAAS projections sheet. It was sent to the House Leaders to be forwarded to team members. Let me know if you need to access it. These projections will help us develop EOG predictions for this school year.
  • 7th and 8th Grade Math Teachers…PLEASE identify students that may need additional help. We are looking to begin after school remediation in Math ASAP. Send list of names to me by Friday, September 23, 2016; we’re looking to begin the beginning of October.
  • Science Teachers: If you used Gizmos last year, please complete this form by Wednesday, September 21 by close of business.
  • Reminders: Submit GLS notes to CANVAS by Friday, it’s an assignment in CANVAS...only one person from GLS team needs to submit. Lesson Plans are due Monday morning by 8am & the 10 Essentials should be evident in all lessons.
  • Check It Out.... Laura Wheeler made an awesome discovery for ELA teachers…the free website, has a new feature that allows you to create classes and upload reading selections and track student performance. Fits perfectly into CANVAS…she said, “less paper, less stress” so Check It Out!!!

  • Teaching Tidbits:
  1. Are your EQ’s posted? Are they Flamin HOT??? Are you making the students aware of what the EQ is for the lesson?
  2. Lecture should only consist of 10-15 minutes of class time. Please ensure that students are ENGAGED in the learning process…this is KEY and Essential!!!
  3. Summaries can take place at any point of your lesson, not just at the end. See CANVAS C&I files for ideas for various summarizers.

Curriculum Spotlight

Mrs. Jennifer McRae…Art Specialist

Mrs. McRae integrated Math with her Art lesson by teaching RADIAL SYMMETRY with circles…Not only did she teach it, but she designated one student, Nosaih Green, a 7th grader, to teach a table of students once they finished their other table assignment. I even joined in and learned some things from him as well. Well Done Mrs. McRae!!! #growthmindset #learningisaprocess


  • Please check your Profile page on our school website to make sure is is up to date. To access it, you enter your username/password into the upper left corner of the school website. Once you’ve logged in, click on “My Account” (under the mini calendar on the left) and go to “My Profile”. If you have any problems/questions, please contact Mrs. Harris.
  • Two Book vendors have set up displays in the Media Center. Come by and take a look to see if there is anything you would like to order. They will deliver on Friday, Sept 23rd.
  • Please return signed AUP forms and Photo Release forms to Mrs. Harris in the Media Center, ASAP. Remember that students who have not had parent signature on AUP’s should have alternate assignments that do not require computer usage until these forms are returned.
  • Students can take Star tests/Accelerated Reader tests. These should be monitored by ELA teachers only.

  • We have run out of laminating film this year and had to reorder twice already. Please try to place items in the laminator in close proximity so as not to waste the film. Thank you!
  • Teachers who do not have a Study Island account, please contact Mrs. Harris for a username and password.

First United Methodist Church Ingathering

Thursday, Sep. 22nd, 11am-6:30pm

Front Office Sign Up Sheet

Lunch: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm; Supper: 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Eat in or Take Out; Free Delivery of 10 or more plates

BBQ or Chicken Salad $8.00 per plate
Sign up Sheet is located in the front office

Character Education/Club Schedule

Friday, September 23: Character Education

Friday, September 30: Teacher Workday

Friday, October 7: Clubs

Friday, October 14: Character Education

Friday, October 21: Benchmarks

Friday, October 28: Clubs

Friday, November 4: Character Education

Friday, November 11: Veteran's Day- No School

Friday, November 18: Clubs

Friday, November 25: Thanksgiving Break

Friday, December 2: 1/2 Day PD

Friday, December 9: Character Education

Friday, December 16: Clubs

Friday, December 23 & Friday, December 30: Christmas Break- No School

Friday, January 6: Character Education

Friday, January 13: Benchmarks

Friday, January 20: Clubs

Friday, January 27: Character Education

Friday, February 3: Clubs

Friday, February 10: Character Education

Friday, February 17: Clubs

Friday, February 24: Required Teacher Workday

Friday, March 3: Character Education

Friday, March 10: Club

Friday, March 17: Character Education

Friday, March 24: Benchmarks

Friday, March 31: Optional Teacher Workday

Friday, April 7: Clubs

Friday, April 14 & Friday, April 21: Good Friday & Spring Break- No School

Friday, April 28: Character Education

Friday, May 5: Clubs (last meeting)

Friday, May 12: 1/2 Day PD

Friday, May 19: Character Education

Cockayne Syndrome Benefit

Saturday, Sep. 24th, 2pm

The Smiths' Home

The Smith Family would like to invite you to an event that is very near to their hearts. Please join us for an Open House at our home to raise awareness and benefit the Share and Care Cockayne Syndrome Network (SCCS). Our daughter, Abby Smith, has this rare, debilitating disease. You may contact Emily Smith at for more information. Thanks so much for your support of Abby. (p.s. RSVP by Sept. 21st to enter your name in a drawing for free jewels)

For more info about SCCS go to

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

This Week

Monday, September 19- Dress Down Monday; Faculty/Staff Photo Update in Media Center; Administrative PLC 8:15 am; CTE PLC 12:30 pm; Students begin club registration

Tuesday, September 20- Special Faculty Meeting 7:45 am; 7th and 8th Grade House and Team Meetings; Golf at Scotch Meadows at 3:00pm; Safety Committee Meeting at 3:30 pm in the Conference Room; Club registration

Wednesday, September 21- 7th Grade ELA/SS PLC at 9:00 am; 8th Grade ELA/SS PLC 2:15 pm; Football Jamboree at Home at 3:45pm; Club registration

Thursday, September 22- 6th Grade ELA/SS PLC at 10:30am; First United Methodist BBQ & Chicken Salad Plate Sale; Committee Chair meeting dates due to Mary Locklear; Club registration

Friday, September 23- Character Education; 6th Grade House Meeting; WES Krispy Kreme Donut Sale Ends; Media Center Book Vendors Sale Ends; Club registration ENDS

Saturday, September 24- Smith Family SCCS Open House 2:00pm

Looking Ahead

Monday, September 26- Administrative PLC 9:00am; CTE PLC 12:30 pm; Golf at Loch Haven at 3:00pm;

Tuesday, September 27- 7th and 8th Grade House and Team Meetings

Wednesday, September 28- 7th Grade ELA/SS PLC at 9:00 am; 8th Grade ELA/SS PLC 2:15 pm; Football at Ellerbe at 4:00pm;

Thursday, September 29- 6th Grade ELA/SS PLC at 10:30am; Volleyball at Home vs. Ellerbe at 4:15pm; WES Krispy Kreme Donut delivery;

Friday, September 30- Required Teacher Workday; Field Trip Requests due to Central Office

Friday, October 7- Advanced Manufacturing/STEM Day

Friday Review submissions are due to Mrs. Janet Jacobs each Thursday by 4:00 pm at