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Hunger Games

Written By: Suzanne Collins

Published by: Scholastic Corporation

ISBN: 9780439023481

Genre: Fantasy and science fiction

Grades: 6 & up


The hunger games starts on the day of reaping in District twelve. Katniss Everdeen the story's sixteen year old narrator goes out to meet up with her friend gale to go hunting before reaping that afternoon. As Katniss makes her way home to the meadow and then goes through the woods where the district is forbidden to go.

The reaping is a nerve wrecking time because it determines which boy or girl ages twelve through eighteen will serve as district tributes in the Hunger Games. Prim's name is picked at the reaping. Katniss volunteers in her younger sisters prim's place and becomes district twelve's girl tribute for the seventy fourth Hunger Games. Peeta Mellark is the boy selected as the other tribute. As they go through the training and all they have the big battle. Only one person out of twenty four people win. They have to live off hunting and taking care of there own selves in the woods.

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