100th Day of School

Wednesday, January 30

Can you believe it? The 100th Day of School will be Wednesday, January 30th. To celebrate this milestone, we would love to have the kids dress up like they are 100 years old OR wear a shirt with 100 items placed or drawn/painted on it.

Dressing up is optional, so please do not feel like your child is required to participate in this.

Below are some ideas that can help you and your child get started if you would like for them to take part:

100 Years Old:

Girls: Printed skirts, pearls, eyeglasses, sweater, wig or curled hairstyle, gray hair spray, knee-high stockings, large purse, scarf

Boys: Button down shirt, flannel shirt, suspenders, tie, eyeglasses, drawn on mustache or beard, gray hair spray.

100 Items on a Shirt: Cheerios, Life Savers, cotton balls, pieces of popcorn, sequins, beads

Use your imagination and be creative.