Life as a Bostonian

By Gio Amaya


This past May I had the opportunity to visit Boston for about my fourth time. My sister attended New England Law School and it was time for her graduation so I was fortunate enough to attend. From the very first time I traveled there, I fell in love. There is something about Boston that I fell in love with and I can't quite tell what it is yet. Whether it was the beautiful city, or the cold harbor, all I knew was that I belong here. Boston has by far been one of my most cherished memories that I love to reflect on from time to time.

Boston Dog

Once you arrive in Boston, you can immediately tell there is nothing like it. I've traveled to many places but none compare to The City of Boston. Every time I go, the first thing I always do is get a world famous Boston Dog. The taste is an unforgettable sensation.
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I've been working for Nike for a little over 2 years now. One of my favorite parts about Boston is going to the 2-story Niketown especially since I can get my discount at any Nike there is. As you walk in you're just amazed at how nice it looks as well as the huge selection of items. In the middle of the store they have a mechanical system that sends shoes and clothes from the top floor to the bottom floor with the press of a button so you don't have to keep traveling up and down the stairs if you mistakenly get a wrong size. It is by far one of the best Nikes I have been to.


Im not sure what it is but I feel like food taste 10x better in Boston. I have had many burgers but the burgers at Joe's Bar and Grill are something else. I ordered a burger from there called "The Hawaiian Heart Attack". In it, it had a slice of pineapple, 3/4lb beef, 1/4lb Hawaiian ham, topped with a special sauce and inclosed in a Hawaiian bread bun.
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One of the best parts about Boston is just how beautiful it is. There is honestly nothing like it. This picture was right in front of the biggest library in Boston. There are so many sites to see in Boston such as all the museums, artwork, history, buildings. Along with that they have things called Duck Tours which is a car that can also be driven on water. It takes you all throughout Boston on a tour of the city then takes you on the water in the harbor for a drive and tour of that area.
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The only thing that would make the harbor better is if it wasn't freezing cold. After walking all through Boston we got to the harbor and every time I see it I am amazed. Right behind it is a park where many people go and also many concerts are held. Sometimes people even boatgait instead of tailgate on the water to watch the concerts.
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Boston is full of history. Everywhere you go there is something historic about where you are. Throughout the city you can se a trail of red bricks which signify where the slaves walked on The Freedom Trail. Many other historic events happened in Boston such as the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre.


The way Boston's city is set up, it is made so that the main for of transportation is through the subway system. Personally i'm not the biggest fan of it just because of how unsanitary they are. Yet it makes for a great experience.


Overall Boston is where my heart is. The memories that I've shared with it are unforgettable. I hope to live there one day but until then I will always keep visiting. All the past time I have went there, there has been nothing but great experiences and wonderful memories. These were just only a few of the picture I took during my visit. If I could i would show them all because thats just how beautiful Boston Massachusetts it.