Marci's Memos

Week 6 2016.17


Monday, Sept. 19– New Teacher Meeting @ 7:45

SIP Mtg @ 7:45: Kathy N., Colleen, Marla

Tuesday, Sept. 20 – PTO @ 6:00 P.M.

Wednesday, Sept. 21 – Staff Meeting @ 7:45 – Lisa Dercach form IDOE will be here at the beginning.

Friday, Sept. 23 – Chew and Chat @ 8:00

New Information

Staff Meetings: We will have to have a brief staff meeting on Wed. Sept. 28 in order to go through Test Security and Integrity. It will be a short training, approximately 15-20 min. long.

Reading Groups: Remember that support staff will need a list of their reading groups by Wednesday.

Baugo Lions Fish Fry: This is happening next Friday, Sept. 23 before the Concord game from 4-7.

Staff Shout Outs: We currently have 55 tickets. Our goal is 75 for staff soft drinks. There will be more tickets in your box.

LuLaRue Pop Up: This will be set up on Sept. 28 for your shopping pleasure at 3:30. You can take a look on-line for images on Pinterest.

Bullying Slide Show: Make certain you view this by Sept. 30 and sign the sheet in the office.

Dress Code: Teachers, please help out with this. We have some girls who are really flirting with what is appropriate dress. If you notice this in class, please have a conversation with the student. If it continues to occur, send them to the fashion police (aka Lorie Simon) or myself. If you are uncomfortable having a conversation, have a colleague help you out.

Lesson Plans: Remember that lesson plans need to be done at least three days out.

PBIS Tip of the Week

Let your students know that you will respond to problem behaviors, so they know it won’t go unnoticed. Tell them that class time is too important to stop and manage the behavior during instruction (unless safety is a factor), and that you will follow up with students at a later time. Stick with precision commands such as re-stating the expectation for all. Not only does this buy you more time for a more focused and less emotional response, but your students will appreciate not being put in the spotlight in front of their peers. Problem-solve together at a later time how to make the situation better, being sure to listen first to the student’s perspective and needs.


We are more than halfway finished with the first round of observations and it is going very well.

Hog Roast Fundraiser

Sunday, Sep. 18th, 3-6pm

57955 County Road 3, Elkhart, IN, United States

The purpose is to raise money for Marcie Hill, who was our secretary, and Scott Burkhart, a parent of two of our former students. They have both been battling cancer. The cost is $10 per plate. Both Tabatha and Jill can help you out with details if you need them.