The Crim Chronicle

November 2018

Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This past week I and another colleague had the opportunity to attend the National Dropout Prevention Conference sponsored by the National Dropout Prevention Network (NDPN). The theme Constructing Possibilities: Blueprinting Whole Child Support, serves to remind me that every day is a new opportunity to build better a better future for each of our students, one by one. I cannot stress strongly enough the fact that we cannot do this effectively or efficiently without your support. How can you provide support? There are many ways that you can make a difference inside and outside of the school. Here are a few options…

1) Inside of the school you can… volunteer in a variety of capacities based on interest and availability of time; attend our Parent Workshops that are geared to build capacity with health and awareness (see Parent Liaison section); and/or participate in our “Breaking the Barrier Symposium” on November 9th from 10-12. (Bus passes can be provided!)

2) Outside of school you can…keep abreast of what is going on at Crim on a monthly basis by reviewing the on-line monthly newsletter; emailing, texting or calling your students’ teachers to check in; reviewing your students’ progress on Infinite Campus for real time data on your students’ performance; calling the Principal directly (980-322-5481) if you have questions or concerns.

Please know that workshops and activities can be tailored to meet your needs as our parents; so do not hesitate to call or just show up with ideas and/or suggestions. The more that you are involved in your child’s journey the greater the opportunity for success. Always remember, your student needs you and so do we!


Ms. Dawn M. Parker

Cell- 980 322 5481

Office – 404 802 5810

Big picture

Recognizing that many children are facing multiple instances of family and community trauma as they navigate life, the Youth Academy will add another layer of prevention, specific to those at-risk or involved in trafficking. By providing access to much needed social, emotional, and academic interventions, students will be empowered to overcome obstacles and move toward meeting both academic and life goals.

Serving students ages 14+ at Alonzo Crim High School.

STEAM in Action at Crim

On October 18th Alonzo A. Crim CTAE and ARTS students participated in the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Piney Grove Baptist Church, where a brand new building and community garden will be built by Fairway Construction. Our students will be afforded to use this construction site as a learning lab, at least 1 Construction student will be offered a construction internship, and our couches will help to furnish some of the spaces throughout the building. Our Culinary Arts program will participate in the building of their new Community Garden; our Engineering program will review blueprints and learn about the Engineers role in constructing a new building as well as creating marketing materials for the site; and our Art students will have the opportunity to design beautiful pieces art to help decorate areas throughout the building as well. A true STEAM experience- real time- real life.

Construction News

Carroll Daniel Construction Company and Batson Cooke Construction are two of our phenomenal Construction partners, continue to support our Construction program by creating another hands on, real life experience for our students to build their own Shed in the back of the school. Similar to the process they used for helping our students to build their own Construction Lab two years ago, they are providing experience and exposure for a life time.

Breaking the Barriers to Attendance

Student attendance directly correlates to a students’ ability to pass. As a matter of fact, research shows that “children who are chronically absent (10 or more days of absence) have lower levels of school readiness upon entering kindergarten, are less likely to read at grade level by the third grade, show lower levels of social engagement, are more likely to drop of school, and are less likely to graduate from high school or attend college.” The outcomes have impact far beyond high school. Earning potential and career promotion are directly impacted negatively. Partner with us on December 9th for our 2nd Annual Breaking Barriers on Attendance from 10-12 noon. Come and actively engage in discussion while establishing next steps pertaining to increasing students’ attendance and thus increasing their opportunity for a better future. If interested, please call Ms. Parker directly at 980 322 5481. We would love to have you present!


Recently, Ms. Bush started her leadership project for APS’ Aspiring Leadership program #EachOneBringOne. The project is designed to engage students to encourage one another to come to school!

Science Engagement is Up!

Engagement is up in Science across the board! The use of Edgenuity as academic support has proven to be well-received by students in the second quarter. This has left more time for classroom discussions, collaborations and the implementation of new resources such as our brand new textbook resource platform and the CK-12 application. Looking forward to creating more opportunities for student engagement and collaboration

Congratulations Jermaine Scott

Recently, Jermaine Scott passed the Economics EOCT. As a result, Jermaine earned an incentive for passing the exam. Way to GO Jermaine!

Batson Cook Internship Program is a SUCCESS!

Three high school seniors decided during their last semester of school to consider careers in construction, and Batson-Cook’s High School Internship Program is the reason!

Eric Hinton and Chavon Grazier from the Fulton County Schools College and Career Academy, along with Chris Adams from Atlanta’s Crim High School, participated in Batson-Cook’s first-ever high school internship program this Spring. For 12 weeks, each worked alongside several Batson-Cook team members at our Northside Hospital Midtown MOB project to be exposed to various aspects of commercial construction.

The results:

  • Eric Hinton (left) has already accepted with IBEW to pursue an apprenticeship and career as an electrician. He said he thoroughly enjoyed learning about different areas of work at the jobsite, but the electrical trade piqued his interest most. Justin Gilliam was his primary mentor.
  • Chavon Grazier (center) has enlisted with the U.S. Marine Corps and plans to enter their engineering program. Teja Velagapudi was her primary mentor.
  • Chris Adams (right) also found the electrical trade to be the most interesting. As a result, Jerry McMichen, Chris’s primary mentor, put him in touch with one of our electrical subs to discuss his possibilities for the future.

McMichen said that construction trades internship programs, especially at the high school level, are needed because students are rarely exposed to the construction trades because few schools offer vocational training. He noted that when he was in high school, one of his vocational classes built a 12x12 shed that was purchased by someone in the community and used for at least 40 years!

Velagapudi was impressed by Chavon’s diligent approach to the tasks she was asked to do. “It was her first experience with construction, but she was 100-percent focused on getting everything right,” she noted.

Workforce development was among Randy Hall’s core initiatives during his tenure as president of AGC Georgia and continues to be at the forefront of Batson-Cook’s endeavors. Under Jimmy Kennedy’s leadership, the company spearheaded the renovation and equipping of a construction trades classroom at Crim High School in Atlanta. The Jacksonville Office provided a tour of its Baptist Medical South project for construction students at University of North Florida. It was the first visit to a commercial construction site for a couple of them. These are just two of many opportunities Batson-Cook offers to young people with an interest in our industry.

Dela Rakestraw, Batson-Cook’s human resources generalist, recruits on college campuses and spearheads the company’s internship program. She expects another high school internship program to take place in the near future.

SEL at Crim

On Wednesdays, we provide our students various opportunities to develop SEL skills designed to enhance their capacity to integrate attitudes and behaviors to help deal effectively and ethically with daily tasks and challenges. (Please see categories to the left). Additionally students are afforded the opportunity to actively engage activities based on their interests to help them gain a well-rounded experience at Crim. Some of these additional activities include the following: Attacking Anger Management through Boxing, Mentoring by College Students, Teen Parenting Classes and Support; Counseling Care, Apps Design, Building Couches for a Cause, Sports and Happy – a leadership program educating Teens about HIV and Study Hall. Please support this effort as we are trying to provide wonderful experiences for each student. This is not an EARLY DISMISSAL Day. If students need to leave early for an emergency, call Ms. Parker, the Principal directly… 980-322-5481.

Congratulations Alexus Favors

Congratulations are in order for Ms. Alexus Favors. Alexus passed her Physical Science and U.S. History EOCT. Good Job and keep up the good work!