Evidence Of Evolution

by mara taubert

Anatomical Evidence

Anatomical Evidence is the body structure of plants or animals.


  1. Vestigal Structures
  2. Homologous Structures
  3. Analogous Structures

Homologous Structures

A homologous structure is body part that provides evidence that point to a common ancestral evolution. They are anatomical parts of a body that may have different functions but have the same structure.


  1. Dolphin's Flipper
  2. Human Arm
  3. Cat's Leg

Biochemical Evidence

Biochemical Evidence is the branch of science that deals with chemical processes.


  1. Molecular Homology
  2. Amino Acids
  3. Proteins

Molecular Homology

Molecular Homology is the deepest level of homology. The molecules that carry the instructions for making and running our bodies, are in encoded in our DNA.

We can look at ancestry through chromosomes.

Amino Acids Sequence In Hemoglobin


Paleontology is the study of fossils.

  1. Body Fossils
  2. Trace Fossils
  3. Geochemical Observations

Trace Fossils

Trace fossils are fossils of a footprint, trail, burrow, or other traces of an animal other than the animal itself.
  1. Huge,Three-Toed Footprint
  2. Mammoth Footprint
  3. Burrows