Artificial Intelligence

By Eric Cardoso

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

"Is a subfield of computer science that focuses on creating computer software that imitates human learning and reasoning" (UXL Encyclopedia of Science, 2015)

4 different perspectives that exist on Artificial Intelligence

Engineering Morality into Robots Will Be Necessary

One viewpoint on artificial intelligence regards the debate on how we as creators must incorporate morality into the robots or artificial intelligences we create. As we create these robots, the opportunity for disaster is a pressing issue that can not be ignored. Artificial intelligence, much like humans, can only understand what it is programmed to understand. If morality is not implemented into the robots we create, we could have a problem of rogue robots that commit acts of crime since they don’t understand that what they’re doing is bad. They don’t have feelings, so we need program them to understand the difference between good and bad. Colin Allen made an interesting statement on the matter, “A robot walks into a bar and says, "I'll have a screwdriver." A bad joke, indeed. But even less funny if the robot says "Give me what's in your cash register." This provides great insight to the importance of morality in robots and artificial technology.

Artificial Intelligence Will Exceed Human Intelligence

Although few can imagine machines with greater-than-human intelligence, several characteristics of artificial intelligence suggest the very real possibility, argues Luke Muehlhauser in the following viewpoint. For example, he asserts, AI can send and receive signals faster and compute more rapidly than humans. Moreover, Muehlhauser maintains, machines, not limited by biology, can easily assess their own cognitive systems. Indeed, when machines discover how to improve themselves, their advanced replication ability will likely lead to an intelligence explosion—the singularity, in which AI exceeds human intelligence. Muehlhauser is executive director of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, a Berkeley, California, think tank whose goal is to ensure that AI benefits humankind.

Christianity Allows for the Possibility of Artificial Intelligence

People have debated the morality of creating artificial intelligence and whether or not we as humans have the right to create a new species, essentially playing the role of god. In this viewpoint, Russell C. Bjork, a professor of computer science at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts, discusses that theologically the soul may emerge from bodily processes. Also, he argues how in christian teaching, human specialness need not be based on what humans are, but rather on what God intends for them. He states that this means christianity allows for the opportunity for artificial intelligence to be created and might even provide insight on how it can be created and what it’s limits might be.

Artificial Intelligence Poses a Doomsday Threat

The view points on this is that the creation of artificial intelligence would be the end of human kind. People say that AI wont have the same emotions as we human do, that we wont understand each other. eventually it would try to go above us.

Should scientists be free to pursue their investigations regardless of potential risk ?

Scientist should have free pursuit to their investigations but to some degree. There should be a limit to how far they should go, where it wouldnt harm us in anyway now or in the future.

Should they publicize every discovery they make ?

I feel like they should publicize discoverys that they find because that is just keeping us in the dark. But i feel that it would also be bad because people would be asking about why they are discovering certain things.

Summary of articles

1. Artificial Intelligence Poses a Doomsday Threat

In this article it talks about how making/ creating and Artificial Intelligence (AI) would bring the end of human kind. That we don't know what kind of intentions an AI would have or if it would even listen to what we have to say or want it to do. People say that it is a bad idea because it would probably not feel the same emotions as us humans.

2. Engineering Morality into Robots Will Be Necessary

In this article it talks about how how it is necessary to make robots with morality. That there should be no distance between human and machine to where they can have the same type of morality. Thinking that designing moral machines will increase human understanding.

3. Christianity Allows for the Possibility of Artificial Intelligence

This article is about how an AI would be the same as a human cause it would develop a soul which god would see to. The human and machine would not be to far apart from each other. Also talks about how much people want to see what an AI limits would be.