Constitutional Principles Project

Create a flyer to promote your principle of the Constitution


Your group will use the information from your book, class discussion and outside sources to create a project on one of the principles of the Constitution. You will be using to create your project.

Popular Sovereignty, Rule of Law, Federalism, Separation of Powers / Checks and Balances, Independent Judiciary, Individual Rights, & Limited Government

Project Requirements

  • Direct excerpts from the Constitution and paraphrase in own words

  • Tie to an influence from the Enlightenment Philosophers and Influential Documents

  • Significance and purpose (Why did the Founding Fathers include as a major principle of the Constitution?) of principle

  • Relevant Images with captions

  • Historical Example (pre-2000) (How have we seen this in society?) (include documentation) AND/OR Current Example (with in last year) (How have we seen this in society?) (include news article)

  • Video of 2 minutes or less

  • Presentation by all group members