It is all about Uranus

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Fun Facts

Uranus is about 19.2 away from the sun which makes it the 8th planet from the sun. Humans can not live on Uranus because there is no life and no water only ice and not enough heat no melt the ice to ice.

Can people live on Uranus?

People can live on Uranus because it has very strong gravity and tremendously cold temperatures.Uranus is so cold because it is co far away from the sun.

What types of accommodations are on the planet so that humans can live?

Accommodations on Uranus that may allow people to live are even though Uranus is very cold the ice may be a accommodation so people may live there is a ocean of hydrogen and under that may be frozen water.

What types of clothing would humans have to wear to survive?

To survive people will have to wear a space suit or you will burn up because it is so close to the sun.
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What is the quality of the atmosphere of the planet?

The quality of the atmosphere with minimum atmospheric temperature of minus 224 Celsius Uranus is nearly the coldest planet is our solar system.The upper atmosphere is covered by a methane haze.There are 11 inner rings and 2 outer rings.The upper atmosphere is made out of water,ammonia and methane ice crystals that gives the planet it's pale blue color

What other conditions on the planet are harmful to humans?

Other conditions on Uranus that are harmful to humans are the planet does not have a solid surface and has a average of cold temperatures of -357 degrees Fahrenheit far below the temperatures on earth also the weather can cause wind speeds to exceed 500 mph.Its atmosphere is composed of hydrogen and helium and lax carbon and oxygen which is essential to human life.

How would humans adapt to these conditions?

Humans could probably could not adapt to these conditions because they are so extreme.

How would humans protect themselves on the planet?

Human would protect them selves by bringing a space suit and lots of water in a container that could not be frozen.

How would humans navigate to get around the planet?

To navigate to get around the planet they would have to use to a robotic device..

What would navigation machine look like?

The navigation machine would look like huge hover craft.

What does the surface of the planet look like?

The surface of the planet would look like a featureless appearance and it give surface features like Jupiter and Saturn the surface may appear to be a huge ocean.

What activities could humans be involved in while visiting the planet?

Activities that humans could be involved in would be the rings around it a slide that never end unless you pay $1000 dollars to stop but each time you go around you get $100.

Could they take side trips to any moons?

To get to the moons the 27 moons you would have to take one of the 12 rings.