Period 5: 1845-1877

Olivia Weeks 1/4/16

The Civil War : 1861-1865

First Battle of Bull Run.

Sunday, July 21st 1861 at 12am

Manassas, VA, United States

This was the first major battle in the Civil War. This war promoted a myth that rebels were invincible in battle. "Stonewall" Jackson counterattacked the Union, which put Union soldiers in a panic.

The Emancipation Proclamation.

January 1, 1863. This set slaves free in the Confederate states ONLY, but was mainly used as a motive to fight in the war.
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BrainPOP Civil War

Themes Include:

POL-3: The split government allowed the north to pass pieces of legislation that the south wouldn't agree on.

NAT-2: The South was tired of the arguing and compromising only having to compromise again with the ways of the North.

Political Cartoon

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This Political Cartoon shows President Lincoln and "President" Davis ripping the United States map apart. This shows the breaking of the United Union.