Gerald Ford: Before Presidency

By: Abby Ball

Early Life

Born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1913 as Leslie Lynch King. His mother called him Gerald Ford Jr, after his step father. He legally changed his name in 1935.

Life as an Eagle Scout

Ford was involved in Boyscouts of America. He earned rank as an Eagle Scout. In Later years recieved the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award. He is the only US President who is an Eagle Scout. Scouting was so important to him that his family asked Eagle scouts to be a part of ford's funeral.


Ford attended Grand Rapids South High School and was the quarterback for the Football team. He later attended University of Michigan and played center and linebacker for the school's team. He was Voted MVP his senior year.


Ford attended the University of Michigan. After graduation in 1935 he graduated and went on to Yale as an assistant coach and a law student. He later graduated in the top %25 of his class.


After Graduating and moving back to Grand Rapids to start his law practice, Ford enlisted in the Navy. Ford was sent on the USS Monterey in Camden, New Jersey. He served as the assistant navigator, Athletic officer, and antiaircraft battery officer. Ford earned several awards such ad the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, Phillipine Liberation Medal, and the Lone Sailor Award.


Ford married Elizabeth "Betty" Warren in 1948. She had been married once before. she worked in a department store and was involved in the fashion world and was once a dancer.


The couple had four children:

  • Michael (1950)
  • John (1952)
  • Steven (1956)
  • Susan (1957)

New President

When Nixon Resigned in 1974, Ford took office, making him the only person to assume presidency without being previously voted into office.