August 17, 1969

What is a hurricane?

Hurricanes are strong and powerful storms. They have extremely high wind speeds and can cause massive flash flooding. If people do not take proper precautions hurricanes can be deadly.

Hurricanes form when a low pressure system is fed warm water and increases in size until it it is a full blown hurricane. Hurricanes maintain strength from warm water. Hurricanes lose strength once they make landfall because of the lack of warm water. Hurricane season is from June 1- November 31. This is because most hurricanes form in the fall. Hurricanes form off the coast of Africa and are in the Atlantic. Typhoons are Eastern Pacific. In the image to the right there is a satellite image of hurricane Camille. Hurricane Camille entered Mississippi August 17, 1969 and stayed in the U.S. for 3 days. It exited on August 20, 1969 through Virginia.

Identifiying Hurricanes

Hurricanes are identified by their name and what category they are. Hurricanes are categorized by the Saffir-Simson Hurricane Scale. The wind speeds for each category are, 1:74-95, 2:96-110, 3:111-130, 4:131-155, and 5:>155. How hurricanes are named has changed over the years. Hurricanes used to be named after the place that they made landfall, but in 1953 people started using a list of female names. In 1979 men were mad, so they started to use a list that is alphabetical with male and female names. In the image to the left hurricane Camille threw a boat in to the side of a house. Camille caused lots of damage. 5,000 houses were destroyed and over 40,000 were damaged.

Hurricane Camille

Hurricane Camille formed on August 14, 1969 and made landfall on August 17, 1969. When Camille made landfall it was a category 5 hurricane. Camille first entered Mississippi and smashed through Tennessee and Kentucky. Finally it exited through the Virginias. Hurricane Camille had high wind speeds up to 190 mph. as a result of Camille, 1.421 billion dollars in damage and 256 deaths. The picture above shows a tracking map of Camille. When hurricane Camille passed over the Virginias it dumped over 12-20 inches of rain. before Andrew and Katrina, Camille was the largest single act destruction in us history.

Hurricanes are big powerful storms that can take out whole cities at a time. If you hear about a hurricane take good precautions and you will stay safe and healthy.