Trombly Teacher Tidbits

Being lifelong learners

Grading for Growth

Too often, grades are the period at the end of any conversation on learning. Turn these numbers and letters into meaningful measures of mastery by looking for ways to amplify formative feedback, treating failures as beneficial to learning, and giving students opportunities to revise their work. Read on for more ways to create a learning-centered approach to assessment.

Classroom Quizzes as Practice, Not Assessment

Frequent, low-stakes quizzes provide timely feedback on student learning and take some of the hype and hysteria out of weightier assessments. Learn four must-haves for applying this approach in your classroom, and gather fodder for the types of questions to ask.

Developing Reflective Learners: Grit, Growth, and Improvement

How do you lead the paradigm shift away from grades and toward personalized success and individual growth? Sample ideas for assessing writing projects and quizzes in ways that emphasize refined effort.