Weller Weekly

February 1 - 5, 2016

What's up at Weller?

Monday (2-1)
  • Remember--ABC Teacher/Staff (Please turn in before you leave today!)
  • Coding Club @ 3:50-4:50

Tuesday (2-2)

  • Happy Birthday Loretta!
  • All Pro Dad's @ 8:00-8:45
  • Evangel Reading Buddies begin @ 9:00
  • Staff/Goal Meeting to learn how to analyze student data on LEXIA @ 3:50
  • PTO Meeting @5:30-6:30
  • SUAC Farm to Table Cooking Demonstration @5:30-6:30
  • Parent P.R.I.D.E. Store @ 6:30

Wednesday (2-3)

  • 7:45 or 3:45 "Welcome to Your New Computer" Thanks Josh and Rebekah!
  • Literacy Team Meetings
  • K-1 Opera in Schools Assembly @ 9:15
  • Mid Quarter-send reports home by Friday

Thursday (2-4)

  • 2-3 Ballet

Friday (2-5)

  • Weller P.R.I.D.E. Celebration

Coming up:

  • 2/9: Counselor's Day Luncheon (We love you, Linda!), iMoms, K Registration, K-1 Music Presentation
  • 2/15: No School
  • 2/16: Tinker Time at Weller
  • 2/17: Evangel University Basketball Game hosting Weller Students and Staff

Gotta know it...

I read your responses to the Padlet asking "What are some things you already do to build your theory of the learner?" Your responses overlapped with the great things you do: observe, collaborate, record teaching point & praise point, reflect, change student grouping, analyze data, give informal assessments, and record anecdotal notes. If you think about it these are best practices for us to learn about where a person is in their understanding of new concepts no matter the subject. In fact observing, collaborating, analyzing, reflecting, recording, and changing are skills needed in many lines of work and our kids will need them to be college & career ready.

  • Our Tuesday meeting will begin promptly at 3:50. Linda will share for 10 minutes about procedures for student behaviors. After she shares if you do not use LEXIA, you may leave. Matt Rosebrough will teach us how to analyze student data on Lexia. Please bring your devices.
  • The Padlet is a venue for your reflection on learning theories. Being reflective is not only a great way to solidify our learning but also a way to share thoughts which enhances our colleagues understanding as well. There are 12 responses to the Padlet so if you haven't reflected about the theory of the learner make sure you do before the literacy team meeting on Wednesday.
  • Please send home mid-quarter reports of students you have concerns about by Friday of this week.
  • Each grade level may schedule buses for one entry event field trip for this semester's PBL unit. Buses will be scarce as the spring approaches so schedule your bus now! Each bus costs $100 so if you want to go on more than one field trip you will need to collect money from the kids to pay for the bus. Don't forget you can go to the PBL page on canvas and request district funds to pay for buses too! Also, I have a contact of someone who knows many special speakers. If you need someone, please let me know.
  • Evangel University is buying every Weller staff and student an Evangel sweatshirt! This is a great way to promote college for our kids. To showcase and honor all of the great students and staff at Weller, on February 17th we are invited to attend the Evangel girls and guys basketball game from 6:00--8:00. Our 4th and 5th graders will sing the National Anthem at half-time for the girls game and at the beginning of the boys game! Please encourage your kids to wear their sweatshirt and come!

Year to Date Attendance

Tinney 97.20%

Rich 97.05%

Wahl 96.83%

Bernelis 96.52%

Norrell 96.42%

Squibb 95.99%

Barker 95.94%
Hughes 95.84%

Almeida 95.79%

Graves 95.55%

Dake 95.52%

Sanders 95.44%

Shores 95.42%

Morey 95.18%

Weinman 95.16%

Ellis 94.92%

Miller 94.71%

Our overall attendance is on the rise! On January 29th for the 2014-2015 year we had an overall attendance of 95.11%. This year from the first day of school through January 29th our attendance was 95.48%! Linda and John will be calling parents of students with recurring low attendance this week to encourage them to have their child in school. Thanks Linda and John and all of you who celebrate kids being at school each day.

It's coming...MAP testing!

MAP Grade Level Assessment window: April 11-May 27

Online Testing Tools for student access must use the Chrome web browser and are located here:


An instructional video on how to use the Online Testing Tools are located here: