Jan Van Eyck



Jan Van Eyck came from a family of painters. His brother Hubert taught him to draw and paint. Hubert and Jan went to work for the Duke Phillip. But Jan also worked for the Duke of Borgonga after Hubert died and Duke Philip let him go.


Jan Van Eyck's Most famous painting is the Ghent Altarpiece. Though he finished his brother Hubert's Adoration of the Lamb. That is now in the St. Bavon Church. Once Bartolommeo Fazio said that Jan van Eyck was the foremost painter of their age.

Impact on Today

He was one of the first to introduce Oil paint. He was also the greatest most influenced Flemish painters. He used on layer of tempera and then one layer of oil. We can see that he was a great artist. He made some beautiful art.

Intresting Facts

~He finished most of brothers projects.

~His motto is " ALS IK KAN" which Translates into AS I CAN

~ Believed to have secret diplomatic trips to Spain and Portugal.

Jan van Eyck, Portrait of a Man in a Red Turban (Self-Portrait?), 1433

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