The Greek Gods of Olympus

By, Marwa Saleh

Poseidon, Zeus, And Hera

All three of these greek gods were related.They were brothers and sister but, Hera was also married to Zeus. Poseidon or Neptune was the god of the sea. Hera or her nickname as a roman goodess, Juno was the goddess of marriage and child birth. She was also the supreme goddess. Zeus was the god of the sky and the ruler of all the Olympian gods. He became the ruler because his brothers and him made a draw, and he won. Zeus had more than one name which were Zeus, Jupiter, and Dias. The cow and peacock are the sacred animals of Hera. The eagle was Zeus's sacred animal. Poseidon's sacred animal is a horse. A trident represents Poseidon and, a thunderbolt represents Zeus. While motherhood represents Hera.