Lexi holcomb

British action that led the decloration of independences

One action that the british took that led to thd decloration of independence was the stamp act this is a taxation that was to raise standing british army

Sugar act it made sugar and tea more expensive so colonist had a hard timd buying these items

Intolorable act closed the boston port and put Massachusetts under direct bitish control

Quartering act this act forced people to house and feed british troops without concent

Townshend act this act imposed imported goods on 72 items including tea glass paper

explan the first 10 amendments

1citizens have the freedom of speech freedom of religon and freedom of press and assembly

2 people have the right to carrie a gun

3 soldiers cant stay in citizens houses with out the owners concent

4 citizens can denied a search or arrrest without a search warrant or probable cause

5 people have the right to remain silent

6 when you are on trial it is your right to have a speedy trial

7 ensures trial my jury in civil cases

8 when you are prosecuted you cannot be convicted with cruel or unusual punishments

9 this amendment is saying that if the amendment does not say it is against the law it is ok to do it and no one can tell you different

10 the states vote over rules all other votes

explain the north and south economic differences

The north was more industrialized meaning they used more factorys

The south is baissed largely on agriculture so they got most of there money from laber intensive jobs such as picking cotton

Problems the English settlers faced

The first settlers of Jamestown endured the problems of hostile Indians, starvation, and poor leadership and government. Indians attacked the settlers within 3 days of arrival

Another problem the colonists face at Jamestown was the widespread occurence of diseases, like thypoid and other deadly diseases.

Also another problem was they didn't know that the winters were so cold and the summers were so hot basically they were not prepared