By Christopher Paolini

What if you were given a chance to make things better, even if it would cost your life, would you take it?

In the book,"Eragon" a teenager boy found a stone in a dangerous mountain region and finds out it is a dragon egg. Once it hatches, it turns his life upside down with an empire trying to catch him and no where to go. he has to struggle to fix his mind around things as well as finding his purpose and where to go.

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book review

Best series I have ever had the pleasure to read. I've read it eight times. I think he uses beautiful language and don't get how people can criticize his writing. I recommend it to anyone.

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My review

I think Eragon was a perfect book with lots of detail and in-depth story plots. You'll always want to know what happens next and you could read it for hours without stopping. I think it is a book people should read if they are a big fan of fantasy.
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