Professional Athletes & Officials

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Character Matters

In Sports you need to have Character, Character includes Integrity, Trustworthiness, Respect, Compassion, Justice, Fairness, Responsibility, Courage, Self-Discipline, Diligence, and Citizenship. These types of Character represents good sportsmanship, and with sportsmanship you are most likely as an athlete to be drafted to a good sports team.
Lots of Professional Athletes have done many good deeds for younger kids or adults. In 1962 a little league baseball player, Billy, was getting water from the water fountain and when lightning struck down and hit a tree, everybody on his team got injured, except he got his eyes burned. He was at a hospital in Houston where an eye doctor worked. He loved to listen to the radio where he could hear the Houston baseball team play, and his favorite player Bob Aspromonte heard about the one kid in the hospital. Billy got to meet his hero and Aspromonte asked if he could do anything for Billy. Billy asked if Aspormonte could hit a Homerun and later in the game he hit that homer just for Billy.


To become a Professional Athlete, you will need to have a good education, you will have to work about 10 - 16 hours a week, possibly more. To become a Coach, you will need a Bachelor's Degree and you need to be an observer. As a coach you will need to make a game plan to help your team win. to become a professional coach, you have to coach a high school team or college team. Coaching these kind of Teams, you will have to win a bunch of games, and then you may be accepted to coach Pros.
You may also be a Sport Official or a Trainer. Officials and Trainers must have a Bachelor's Degree, Officials will mainly manage the game between the two teams playing. If a player is injured, their trainer will come on the field with a medic team and take him off. Trainers can also help a player keep fit and practice more on their skills. A manager is the boss of an athlete and will manage what team and how much money they must get paid to go to that team.

John Wooden, UCLA Coach

"Reputation is what you're perceived to be. Character is what you really are."

Players and their Job

As an athlete, you must play with respect, most players play to have fun and some play to give the people who are watching excitement. Lots of players are paid to score in games, some are paid to help defend and some are paid to play with skill.

The Result

Everyday these people work so hard as an athlete, coach, official, manager, and trainer. These people are people who you may recognize as athletes, or coaches.
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