Too young and to immature!

Should young drivers be allowed to drive?

Young teenagers killed in a fatal three car accident.

Young teenagers Dominic Sammak (19) and close friend Tyler Jackson(18) were both killed in a tragic three car accident.

Dominic was driving his friend Tyler home after a party he and Tyler attended when the car collided into a four-wheel drive in front of him.The truck behind their car didn't have the capability or time to brake,unfortunately the truck totalled the young teenagers and there vehicle, which had the unfortunate consequence of killing both teenagers, at roughly 12:17 am on Saturday 19th of June.

Police confirmed that both Dominic and Tyler were both above the legal restriction of drinking in Australia, and that Dominic was texting a girl he had meet that evening, as well as the fact that Dominic was speeding,the collision also killed two female victims in the four-wheeled drive aged 24 and 26, the victims parents are filing charges against the young men's families.

This isn't the first incident that has occurred from young teenagers reckless behaviours that has concluded with not only the consequences of there deaths but other innocent victims. There have been an outstanding number of reports of young people aged 16-22 that have either been killed or severely injured from drinking while driving, driving while texting or reckless(speeding) driving.

As seen in this tragic accident there are many consequences for unsafe road behaviour for both young drivers and the community these include death of youth drivers and innocent victims,severe injuries to either,the victims or drivers as well as physical or emotional permanent injuries to one or both individuals.

Parents,youth drivers and the community can take action and adopt strategies that will assist to prevent future tragic accidents from occurring such as-

- Switching off all electronic devices to eliminate any urge of touching them and causing distractions.

- Reasoning to young drivers why it is important not to have any alcohol in their system while driving.

- Not allowing or not providing young drivers with any opportunities to access alcohol.

- Creating or Forcing new laws that will not allow young drivers to have access to alcohol.

- Discussing to young drivers that speeding to any location or destination is likely to have consequences to not just themselves but to innocent victims surrounding them.

- Discussing to young drivers the affect of alcohol on them and the consequences of alcohol while driving.

- Parents being available to pick-up their children from any location if they are known to be drinking.

- Parents should not allow young drivers to leave the house unless they are confirmed to the location of there children and safety of that location.

- Make certain that all young drivers follow the signs and laws put in place to protect them.

Lastly for the protection of all individual young drivers,The Australian government need to raise the driving age to 22 as almost 45% of road incidents are caused by teenagers aged 16-21. Raising the driving age to 22 could very well solve many of these problems. Teenagers at this age are heavy drinkers. Research shows that almost two thirds of teenagers drink just to get drunk. Research also shows that teenagers have the notion that drinking automatically makes them adults. As Individuals, a Community and as a nation I strongly suggest we speak out to the Australian Government to raise the driving age.

Young drivers should be aware of all the consequences of their actions if they are breaking any law in Australia. After all, the laws placed are placed there to protect young drivers from serious injuries or death that can be caused with alcohol, speeding and texting and driving.