Lisa's Lucky Ladies

August 2013 Newsletter

Monthly Sales & Recognition

Our last month n the Summer catalog was fantastic! Our customers loved the new purses!

The Fall catalog makes me swoon! I am showing it off to everyone I come across. Don't forget to tell your customers about our DOUBLE HOSTESS REWARDS this month!

Please see the stats below and know that I am very proud of each and everyone one of you AWESOME ladies!


Look Who Sold Over $1,000 in August:
Nichelle Davis $1862

Lisa Palacios $1606.50

Look Who Sold Between $500 - $999 in

Janet Redfern $808

Look Who Sold Between $0 - $499 in June:

Tani Zapata $304.50

Jade Burns $213.50

Nikkol Camarillo $209.50

Heather Tyson $79.50

Veronica Pena-Lajias $57.50

Shanisty Villanueva $50

Total Sales for Our Entire Downline = $9,550.50
Total Sales for Our GO Team = $5,191 with 9 ordering consultants

Special Achievements

Nichelle Davis earned Level Two of the Ready, Set, Sell Kit
Janet Redfern earned Level Two of the Ready, Set, Sell Kit

Lisa Palacios earned the Summer Dream Rewards Level Two

If I missed your name, please let me know.

Check Your Stats

Be sure to check your stats. We have many ladies at risk of going inactive. You must submit at least $200 in a rolling three month period to stay active. To receive an amenity at the Celebrate & Connect meeting, you must be an active consultant.

If you are in your StartSwell time frame - be sure to check your deadlines. We don't want you to miss out on free swag!

Look Who Is Close to Qualifying!
Let's cheer our team members on and encourage them to qualify as a consultant.
Karen Tarpley $767.25
Dominique Pena $752.70
Ivonne Rangel $784 away
Teresa Franco $628 away
Rebecca Zepeda $508 away
Lorene Pickering $430.40 away
Tani Zapata $254.45 away
Shanisty Villanueva $144.04 away

We also have many ladies who are getting off to a slow start. Please reach out to me or your sponsor if you need help getting started. It's never too late!

New Team Members

Recruiting slowed a bit this month but there are so many reasons to share the opportunity of Thirty-One with others. We shared Thirty-One with 1 lady. You never know who needs a little extra income or a new way to meet others. GREAT WORK! Please welcome our newest members!

We added 1 total recruit to our downline! Woo hoo!

Nichelle Davis added Brooke St. Martin of Deer Park, TX

News You Need to Know

Keep in Touch!

I will be touching base with on a regular basis to see if you need help growing your business and how to best help you. I will also ask how your calendar looks for the month for parties and events. This is not designed to pressure you in any way -- just gives me a idea on if we will meet our target. Ideally, you can send me a text, email, Facebook message, or call me to let me know how you are doing. I would love to hear your progress and help in any way I can. Want to stay in the know? Click on the Facebook group above to join our team page!

Every member of this team is needed! Whether your Thirty-One endeavor is a hobby, part-time job or full-time job, your efforts count!