Digital Citizenship

The Responsible Way To Be A Part Of The Digital World

Digital Access

There are billions of people in the world right now, all with different backgrounds and opportunities. It is important for those with access to technology to understand that not all people will have those advantages. Digital citizens should be willing to work towards providing technology and digital access to others who may not have it.

Digital Commerce

Online shopping has grown more and more popular as the number of products offered online has increased. A consumer could purchase anything from food to trips to clothes online, as well as music and digital programs. One issue that arises is the issue of illegal purchases made online. The illegal downloading of music and movies have become more common in society because of easy accessibility. However, these programs are against the law and should be considered as serious as any other crime that is made. There is a whole new market of online products from all different sources, but consumers need to be sure that they are making the right decision before each transaction.

Digital Communication

Advances in technology throughout the past couple decades have allowed for digital users to communicate quickly and efficiently with users from all across the world. Email, Skype and instant messaging are just a few ways that users can chat with each other. This has been a very important tool for both professional and personal reasons. However, users need to make sure that they are having appropriate conversations with the right people, for some people take the easy communication for granted. For example, the show Catfish on MTV is based off of relationships formed online that are built from lies.

Digital Literacy

Digital tools are becoming more prevalent in professional settings as an increasing numbers of programs are being developed and made accessible. Students are able to use websites and softwares, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint, to write papers or create presentations. Teachers are able to use these same programs to provide visual aids for students. Workplaces are able to videoconference and communicate via email. Digital Literacy reminds professionals that although technology is useful and important, users much remember how to use digital tools responsibly.

Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette is the importance of practicing appropriate behavior when using digital tools. Harassment, such as cyberbullying, is unfortunately common and can seriously cause damage to the victims. Users of technology need to be aware that their actions online have consequences, and manners online are just as important as manners in person.

Digital Law

Just as there are laws in normal society, there are also laws that apply to the digital world. Music, images, videos and text can be protected by copyright laws and therefore it is a crime for it to be used without authorization. Users must either have permission from the creator or cite where their multimedia and information are from unless they want to face charges. Illegal music downloading can also lead to criminal charges. Digital users must be able to tell the difference between what is right and what is wrong so that they do not find themselves in serious trouble.
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Digital Rights & Responsibilities

The American people are given certain rights, as listed in the "Bill of Rights". These rights include freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and many more. Americans also have these rights when it comes to the digital world. People are allowed to post what they wish, as long as it is not deemed threatening or inappropriate. It is crucial that digital users understand that even though they have these rights, there are still boundaries for what should and should not be posted online for others to see.
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Digital Health & Wellness

It is true that the digital world provides users with tools that can be used to their advantage daily. However, it is also true that too much technological use can be harmful to a person's health. Spending too much time in the digital world can lead to both physical and psychological damage. A few examples of negative effects from technological use are eye damage, stress disorders and Internet addiction.
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Digital Security (self-protection)

Digital Security relies on a user's ability to protect themselves from potential harm or trouble. Viruses are passed along easily through the Internet and can cause serious damage to one's computer, documents and personal information. Ordering products online through an unsafe website can lead to theft and/or identity theft. Information should be backed up to another source to guarantee it is not lost, and virus protection should be used so that computers are not susceptible to the damage that can be caused.