Quarter 2 LCP Newsletter

Quarter 1 Review

This column is not for me to give you updates about how quarter 2 went for this LC. This column is for you to reflect back upon your journey in AIESEC so far. Reflect back on the time you filled that AIESEC form, your GDs, your PIs, first interaction with AIESEC - LTS, jives, leadership, mentorship, your first department meeting, mails, connections you made, skills you developed or even the last leadership position you applied for.
The question is, are you doing it right? Is it even worth it?
Sit and reflect on these simple questions - Are you actually able to evaluate your development in this organisation? Do you even see yourself growing? Do you care about the culture, the values of the organisation you are working in? Is your why of AIESEC is the same as it was during the time of your recruitment? Do you discuss about your journey and work with your VP? Are you able to relate AIESEC with your personal careers? Are you becoming a world citizen or solution oriented? Do you know about you strengths and weaknesses? Are you able to empower others?
Yes, it is about the Business Model of AIESEC - the Leadership Development Model. LDM is not just a model, it is more of a behavior.

Here's why - http://www.aies.ec/why

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Defining Leadership.

Yes, I have been very curious to know from people that what is their opinion about leadership. Do you think it is about having followers? Or is it about being a motivation? Leadership on it's very deep level has infinite number of definitions with an infinite number of roles and responsibilities.
So, this is on you dear Team Leaders, what is the leadership you want to define for yourself. What is the mark that you wish to on your members? What is that one thing that you think a leaders must possess? What is that one thing that you want to develop as a team leader? Do you want to become more solution oriented or do you wish to empower others? Is it only about your portfolio goals or the reason is something bigger?
I want you guys to take a moment to think and reflect upon the time when you filling your application. I want you guys to keep these questions in your mind and try to answer that questionnaire again. I also want you to make yourself certain promises that you will achieve by the end of you term. It can be anything, from a simple appreciation from your VP or 100% achievement of your term goals, a happy performing team or improving your communication skills. I want you to define this leadership role on a much broader level with a much deeper perspective. I want you to think as a LEADER!

One more strange doubt that always arises in my mind that why do people think that leadership is only for the people with tags? There was a beautiful line said by Henry Ford that I recently shared on the group as well which says, "You don't have to hold a position in order to be a leader." Yes, leadership is not about being a TL or a VP, it starts at the very basic level. It starts with taking responsibilities, taking initiatives, and believing in oneself. So if you think that AIESEC is a leadership development organization only for its MB and EB, then you are highly mistaken. The AIESEC's concept of the inner and outer journey says the same thing, that every AIESEC member goes through such an experience as a team member (an experience which comprises of IJ and OJ) where he sets personal goals for himself, goes through reflection, reinvent himself, interacts with multiple stake holders, or work in an challenging environment. And all these things directly contributes to the development of Leadership according to LDM. So, AIESEC's leadership has parameters and you can evaluate your leadership on the basis of your journey mapping in AIESEC. If you think, as a member, you can become solution oriented or you are able to empower others, or you know the outside world better or you are self aware about your strengths and weaknesses then my dear, you are already a leader, you do not need a position or a tag to define that leadership.
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Member of the Month Performance Tracker

And so, after much anticipation here I officially release the member of the month tracker!!!! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IlZFgeZZds5qQezGBpiDha7quST7UPvNgS_icYwc8Vc/edit?usp=drive_web
This tracker is made so as to ensure proper tracking and evaluation of each member of this LC and yes, also to reward and recognize the Member of the Month! Go through the tracker and give parameters to your performance track.
P.S - The Dead Poets will tell you about the rewards!! Wait for the THE Day! :P

LCP's Project on Heritage and Culture!

The most attractive and sell-able thing of this city is its beautiful culture and heritage. And so, doing a social project for heritage protection was always my dream. And so, with this here I welcome applications for the organizing committee for the most beautiful and enthralling project of AIESEC Jodhpur.

I am looking for passionate and smart individuals who are all ready to go that extra mile with me. More importantly, I am looking for people who love this city as much as I do.

Note - Both MB and GB can apply.

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It's time you BE!

6 weeks of an amazing, beautiful, challenging, skillful, global, cross cultural, dynamic, colorful, adventurous and an enthralling experience.

We talk about changing things, braking stereotypes, global mindset, but we forget one basic thing that it begins with Us! It begins with me and you!
Did you register of Global Citizen program yet? Who are you waiting for? Why not do it now and BE ABOUT IT?
Here, www.aiesec.org

I BLEAD - May Leadership Summit

And so, without any more waiting, I here by officially announce the May Leadership Summit - I BLEAD to be held on 17th May, 2015.

What is I BLEAD?
So, what is the idea behind I BLEAD? Basically, it is a combination of two phrases, I Believe and I Lead. This summit aims at providing the essence of AIESEC as an organization and what type of skills you have or will develop here as a Leader. The whole idea behind this name is that we want each and every member of AIESEC Jodhpur to believe that he can always be a better leader and that his actual potential can only be fulfilled if he truly believes in what AIESEC is providing to him.
Anyways, the name's kinda classy, no? :P

Summit Details -

Date - 17/05/2015

Timing - 10:30 am to 6:30 pm
Venue - Heaven's Garden, Jodhpur

Summit Fee - 300 INR

Note - The fee needs to be submitted on or before 16th May to your department VP or VP Finance (Khushbu Gehlot - 07742178949)

We scull! we scull! we scull, we scull, we scull! :P
The chair is cooler than you can ever imagine!!! "kursi! kursi! kursi kursi kursi!!!"

Your VP TM loves to do bhangra <3