Gender equality

Are we really equal?

Why Genders Are Not Paid or Treated Equally

When you think of the word rape, you think of a man. When you think of "wage gap", you think of women being paid less. But in reality, when you think of men and women you should think of them as the same, Not differently. On avergae, full time working women are paid seventy seven cents for every dollar a white man makes ( Why should a certain gender have a particular stereotype just because the majority believe it's a male or female thing? Five out of ten girls in seventh grade or above have been called a sexually sterotyoical name at school ( Why should a girl be called a explicit name at school when she may be just trying to express herself? One-third of the world has no law or belief about gender equality in their countries constition. Overall, gender equality is a worldwide problem that isn't going to be solved by laws or rules, but will be solved by people that want it to stop.

How I feel now

After reading multiple bias articles about gender equality, I feel that it is a very one sided debate. There's some people that strongly believe in feminism and everyone being treated and paid equally. But the other half believes that everyone already is equal and that "feminist" are just trying to overpower men. I have learned about how many people are truly trying to stop this, and how many organizations have been made to bring awareness to the topic of gender equality. Overall, I think gender equality is a big issue that should have more awareness because of how many people have dealt with it.