Final Exam for Cultural Geography

By Emma Mobley

Claim 1:

People in different social groups have different amounts of individual freedoms. This means everyone has some form of overarching power controlling them whether it be god, parents, teachers, or the president something or your boss.


I'm a student so my teacher is in charge of me while I'm in their classroom. My teacher has a boss who is in charge of them, and their boss is in charge of them and so on and so on.

My parents or the adults of the house hold are also in charge of me, and I'm in charge of my pets and younger step siblings.


England or Great britan


In the 18th century There were 13 colonies near and on the east coast of america. In those colonies were british citizens who disapproved of their king. So they decided to rebel against him and start a new country. The colonists started rebel movements and eventually went to war against great Britan. The rebels won the war which means that they gained power. Since we were able to achieve freedom from the British, they lost power over us (their previous citizens). That is an Example of a shifting in power from the government to the people (or from the higher power which ever way you want to look at it.)



During the Reign of Cleopatra(the last pharaoh) the Romans and the Egyptians were temporary allies with Caesar and Antony. When Antony died the Romans Started to attack the egyptians and They succeeded. They made Egypt part of the Roman empire which gave them more power and gave the Romans control over the Egyptian people.



The french revolution (in my opinion is the perfect example for this project) was when the people of france rebelled against their Monarchy and noble men. They would catch these people and take them to the town square for public execution. They would stick them in a guillotine and… well you get the idea. That gave the people of france more power than the Government, or should I say monarchy controlling them for hundreds of years.

Claim 2:

Globalization is the advancement of technology that helps the world communicate, trade, and compete.


Thanks to globalization I can email, text, face time, or Skype with some one that is on the other side of the globe. The president can call the ambassador of China in a matter of mere minutes and discuss potential olympic locations. The leaders of the world are able to contact each other via internet and have conferences before they get to the united nations meeting in what ever county it is being hosted in. All of these things are possible because of the advancements in technology that globalization created.


Since we have advancements in technology countries are able to look at the rankings of other countries to see how intelligent their population is and attempt to be better than them. America is ranked # 20 in educational attainment while South Korea is ranked #1.

Also countries are able to schedule plane rides and transportation for olympic competitors to arrive at the games and their hotels.


Ceo's of companies order merchandise or supplies from over seas and are able to have them be delivered to their manufacturing plants around the world. Have you ever purchased something online or off of Amazon? Well every time you do globalization helps deliver your package to it's destination. Just think about that, every time you click free shipping on Amazon globalization sends a message to the company you bought it from and they send your item to amazon who sends it to you from across the globe and by the time it arrives to you it has traveled further than you have in your entire life. Isn't that amazing?

Claim 3:

When a person moves they bring their culture with them but they also adapt the local culture into theirs and take it with them.


When I moved from Florida to New Hampshire I kept my accent but I eventually started to talk with a new accent. I enjoy chilly but since I moved here I've eaten more german food so I've grown to like foreign cuisine such as bratwurst, sour kraut, and schnitzel. My Grandpa is Hawaiian and as an adult who has moved to multiple different countries and cities he still keeps his hawaiian culture in his food, although his has also learned different cooking techniques and cooks a variety of delicious foreign food. He also knows facts about history and people in other countries.