The Giver

By: Lois Lowry & Lissette Reyes

Book Summary

The Giver takes place in a dystopia where a selected group of elders control the entire community. In this community they have "Sameness." Sameness is what makes everyone "feel important" or "equal." Family units, Matching of Spouses, Assigning of jobs and Naming of Children are all chosen by the group of elders. Every citizen of the community receives a job at twelve. When Jonas is selected as the new receiver, he begins to realize the bitter truth of the community (That no one has emotions or can see colors or can make their own desicions); After finding that out, Jonas decides it time for him to return what has been taken from the people of the community.

Main Character

The Main Character of "The Giver" is Jonas. Jonas does not like to feel or look different from the people in the community.So having different color eyes then everyone else doesn't quite help. Jonas is very thoughtful, careful, and aware. Unlike everyone else Jonas's job is special, or important. Jonas is the next Receiver; Which is basically holding memories and being able to see colors and have emotions.


  • Why did the book end the way it did?
  • Do any characters resemble someone you know, if so why?
  • How are people chosen for the committee of elders?


It's just that... without the memories it's all meaningless.” -Giver

Overall Rating

If I had to rate "The Giver" I would rate it 7/10. The only reason why I wouldn't give it a higher rating is because I personally thought towards the ending it got boring. Although, I did like the way the story was written and I liked the futuristic theme.
The Giver - Trailer