The Election of 1800


Federalist and Democratic-Republicans running in the election

The election of 1800 consists of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson running for president. There were separate parties John Adams was a federalist and Thomas Jefferson was a democratic-republican. George Washington did not like the separation of the parties and said that it will only separate the country.

The Federalist ways

I think that federalist is better than democratic-republican because they believe in educated and wealthy people ruling the country. Democratic-republicans believe that common people should rule the country. I disagree with common people ruling the country because they don’t know what they’re doing.

Main disagreements

The outcome of the election

The new president of the united states

The winner of the election of the 1800s is John Adams the federalist. As President, John Adams does everything that he promised he would do. Like the national bank for the country. He also created a strong military to protect the country.