Ionizing Gun

The model 190 C ionizing air gun

The model 190 C is designed for neutralizing static and removing surface bacteria. For example cleaning plastic parts before to assembly, cell phone repairs which neutralizes the non conductive components into a circuit board.

Cleanroom Ionizing Air Gun

  • Quickly and safely neutralizes static surface charges to cover sensitive parts against electro-static discharge
  • Provides a quick flow of clean air or nitrogen to replace and remove particles held by static attraction
  • Low-voltage corded power supply provides a balanced stream of ions with minimal EMI/RFI
  • Discharge time: 1000V to 100V in less than two seconds (inlet pressure of 30 psi, measured at 6" from target)
  • long lasting polymer ionizing air gun is easy to handle and very easy to operate without hurting the wrist
  • In-line capsule filters ensure pure gas feed it also operates on clean dry air or nitrogen
  • Includes transformer and convenient hanging hook

Pictures of Ionizing Air Gun

Ionizing air gun

Ionizing Air gun

Hand held, lightweight ionized air gun for quick static and efficient blow off of particles which are bacteria covered surfaces. Uses include electronics manufacturing, plastics, printing, graphic arts, photography and spray painting car finishes.

Ionizing Air Gun

ElectroStatics, inc static control blow off guns in action

How and Ionizing Air Gun functions

An Ionizing air gun is based on neutralizing spot charges. The top of the air gun has a sheet material overt top of it. Because of the shape of the air gun the air gun has bypass channels which make a six channel blowing nozzle by stabilizing the air flow. Th air flow can be adjusted by application. its is also useful for treatment of small pieces. It also has a power pack which provides power for the device to turn off and on


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