Guatemala Needs a Revolution!!

Want to find out why?


Guatemala is in desperate need of a revolution. You may not think so, based on its warm climates, Mayan ruins, and beautiful beaches, but I have found reasons to suggest that the country needs a change. This revolution will not have to be a violent one.

Reasons why there should be a revolution:

Guatemala is stable, as far as the economy and government goes. But, I believe there are flaws to this country. Such as poverty, or the education system. The education system in Guatemala is certainly NOT the best it can be. Statistics show that 31% of the population of Guatemala are illiterate, and up to more than 60% in the indigenous population. The overall funding of the education system in Guatemala is not very high, so there are too many students with not enough classrooms. There are also problems with the sanitation, furniture, and even the water. Although the first six years of school are free, only 30% of students in the primary schools finish this level of schooling. This is because it is getting more and more expensive to send your kids to school.

Most of the population of Guatemala is in the lowest class, stuck in poverty. The highest class is also the smallest, and is mostly made up of foreign families and businessmen.

More than 40% of Guatemala's population has no access to health care. They don't even vaccinate their children in Guatemala. And, as of 1999, there were approximately 0.9 physicians and one hospital bed to every 1000 people in Guatemala. Only 4.3% of Guatemala's GDP goes to health expenses. ALL of these facts are shocking and ALL of these facts are true.

How change could happen in the education system:

I think people in Guatemala could talk to their government about giving them more funds. Before they do anything, it's good to ask. If that doesn't work, they could start a petition saying that they need a better education system in Guatemala. I'm sure many people would sign it, I mean, who doesn't want their child to have proper education in the right condition?

How change could happen in terms of poverty and health care:

I think that in Guatemala, they should build several hospitals, fully stocked. That way, hundreds of people could get new jobs as nurses, doctors, secretaries, and even janitorial staff. Those people's families could get out of poverty. Maybe some doctors from Canada and the United States could do a sort of exchange program with doctors from Guatemala, so that Guatemalan doctors could learn from us, as well as get well-trained doctors when they come back. Even the North Americans would benefit from working in Guatemala. Once the government sees how this helped their country, they might consider giving everyone health care.