Ancient Greek Everyday life

Drink, Food, Clothing, and Pleasure By: Matthew Robinson

Ancient Greek Food: Bread

Bread played a fundamental role for the Greeks. It distinguished civilized people agriculture based societies that are uncivilized. Women baked bread everyday because of this.

Other ancient Greek food.

The Greeks also ate apples because they felt it was a symbol of love. Also they loved cheese even though it was a very rare food. Also one of the food they ate the most is fish.

Ancient Greek Drinks: Wine

The Greeks in acient liked to drink wine. They pick the grape themselves to make the wine. They drank wine everyday because a lot of the water was unsafe to drink where they lived. Last they mixed water in because it was bad to get drunk there.

Ancient Greek Clothing

There were two types of clothes in ancient Greece there were Tunics and Cloaks. The tunic was a heavy piece of fabric such as wool. It also had a light version with linen, The cloak was a heavy peice of fabric that was wool or linen. There are examples of the clothing below.