Lockdown Lowdown

Friday 5th June 2020

He got a second series!

Back by popular demand - the Lockdown Lowdown!

The message is clear - stay home, stay safe, save lives. But - just because we can't be together doesn't mean that we can't celebrate together!

This week's theme is 'musicals.'


Here are the songs played by Mr Wheeler on today's Facebook live streamed Lockdown Lowdown.

A Million Dreams from the Greatest Showman - sung by The Brayton Belles (Missy and Freya)

'Hard Knock Life' from Annie

'I Just Can’t Wait To Be King' from Lion King

'Our School Nativity' from Nativity

'Defying Gravity' from Wicked

'Naughty' from Matilda

'When I Grow Up' from Matilda

'Maybe' from Annie

'From Now On' from the Greatest Showman

'This Is Me' from the Greatest Showman

The Great Brayton Quiz

This week, Mr Wheeler asked us to set a quiz for the children. The quiz was fantastic with a lot of great questions and some very special guests!

These are our Superstars this week - mostly nominated by their families to receive a special mention


Bethany has been a super star during lockdown. She has continued to impress us with her beautiful reading and working really hard achieving the phonic sounds that her teachers wanted us to work on. She has also been working really hard on her number bonds. Bethany has done some amazing work learning about the parts of a flower as well as planting her own beans and learning about the life cycle and watching them grow, We can’t wait to taste them!!!!!!

I am so impressed with her attitude towards home learning. Well done our little super star
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Bobby has been a superstar – but haven’t all our brilliant children during these difficult times.

He’s up early, every morning ready to tackle the day. He started every day with ‘P.E. With Joe Wicks’ – he has completed every session since day one (over 25 hrs). Sometimes before this he goes for a 5k run with his mum.

This is followed by 2-4 hours of his school work, which he always likes to start with Maths. Then, jumps onto PE – he loved the Class Wars the week!

His afternoons are more chilled with time connecting with friends on his PlayStation and enjoying some laughs with his friends – with even a TicTok video or two.

He has also taken to baking – his Oreo cheesecake was delightful and cheese scones where very tasty.

Late afternoons are usually a sporting activity – 3 times a week doing a football session and once or twice a week he has a Zoom kickboxing lesson. He has even started his own YouTube called Bobster TV and would love the children at Brayton to subscribe to see his videos.

He misses school like crazy and misses his friends too.

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Emily was nominated by Mrs Burnell

Emily was a little teary on Tuesday morning and a little worried about coming back to school but she has impressed me with her maturity and understanding about the current situation.

She has enjoyed learning about ‘Seeds’ this week, painting, labelling and finding plants which have roots, a stem, a bud, a leaf and a flower.

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Since lockdown Lily has embraced her distance learning, has been eager and happy to learn, and has tried really hard at subjects she finds difficult. When learning about coins, despite not fully understanding the denominations to begin with, she persevered and tried different ways to learn until she understood, we were really proud of her.

She has helped me with jobs around the house and in the garden, loved trying new crafts, and has grown some of her own vegetables for year ones learning about plants - and always makes sure she waters them! She has learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers, tried cosmic yoga, and has learnt how to plait hair too!

Most of all she hasn’t complained once this past week, when she had a bad reaction to a bite and has had to take the most foul tasting antibiotics, on top of knowing that we would have been at Disney World in Florida seeing her beloved princesses right now.

All in all she’s been a joy and I know her little cousin who is only 3 loves her Face Time chats as Lily is so kind and caring towards her, which is lovely to see.

Thanks for being you, Lily!
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Lucas has adjusted very well during lock down and never fails to make us laugh with his funny sense of humour. Lucas has become a book worm since lock down and has read 10 books in the last 6/7 weeks, one including The Beast of Buckingham Palace by David Walliams. This means he has read a total of 3,297 pages as well has completing school work. He has also been very brave this week under going procedures and tests and remained calm and positive throughout. He was even braver when letting Daddy cut his hair!!

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Macy has been working extremely hard this week with her school work and is flying through her maths questions. She has been helping neighbours by decorating bags for Fathers Day. She spent most of her half term in her paddling pool, we thought she had become a mermaid at one point!

She still misses her friends so much and can't wait to see them all! We are very proud of her even though it seems to have been a difficult week for her.

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For the last 12 weeks, Molly has shown such resilience in terms of adapting to a new ways of living and learning. Yes there have a been a few moments of despair, but on the whole she has coped well.

She has really missed seeing her friends and so was happy to start a weekly zoom meeting where they could have a chat about what they had been up to.

She has tackled lots of the home learning set by Mr Osborne independently, allowing her mum and dad to continue working from home.

She has also been baking, decorating, crafting, exercising and even setting up a sunflower growing competition with our neighbours on the street.

Well done Molly, we are very proud of you.
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Nominated by Mrs Clayton

Oscar has shown such resilience and compassion for others this week, reminding everyone of the new 'bubble' rules to regularly wash your hands.

In class, he has impressed us all with his knowledge of the world and decided to draw a giant volcano! After lots of discussion about larva and interesting volcano facts, we decided to create our own. Oscar was fascinated by the reaction! As well as this, Oscar has continued to practise his reading, place value of numbers and investigating plants and seeds. What a super first week back, Oscar! Well done!

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Thomas misses school, his teachers and his friends so much. Despite finding this current situation difficult, he has tried his best to keep to a routine and made sure he is ready to start his schoolwork at 9 am every morning. He works hard every day completing all his tasks and we’ve been especially impressed with his determination to complete his maths work (the photo is of the spotty maths challenge). He has happily done all the tasks set along with challenges and extra exercises we have found for him to do. He has also kept working through his maths missions – completing one or 2 every week. Thomas has also been practising his French and has learnt to say lots of new sentences about himself. Alongside completing his school work,

Thomas has been developing lots of new skills too – he has built and programmed a robot, practised his basketball and trampolining skills, planted some sunflower seeds and herbs in the garden, created a PE circuit with chalk on the path and has been very helpful around the house. He also celebrated his 8th birthday a few weeks ago. He made the most of the day and didn’t once moan that he couldn’t do what we had originally planned. We all had a lovely day playing games and having Zoom parties.

We are really proud of Thomas and think he deserves this recognition for all his efforts.

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And the rest of you...

Even if you didn't get in this week's Lockdown Lowdown, your teachers are loving finding out what you have been learning at home. We are proud of each and every one of you.

Stay safe and take care!

Together we shine as one.