Mrs. Smith's Classroom Spotlight

By Mrs. Smith's First Grade Class

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Mrs. Smith gives us pick-ups for school supplies and we got slime and writing pencils and airheads. Mrs. Smith teaches us about math and pentagons and reads some books to us. I like those things about Mrs. Smith. We like writing and we are happy. Also, Mrs. Smith gave us planting seeds and soil. She teaches us writing and phonics.
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What We Usually Do

by Oliver

Our class is like real school. We have lunch breaks and some people are at daycare or in tree houses. We do writing that is really fun. Also, in reading, we read a lot and it is so much fun. And in math, we study shapes and time but mostly shapes now. During our lunch break usually people eat lunch and play. During phonics, we learn about words and digraphs.

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by Theo & Tatiana

We do lessons about groups and the shapes of pentagons and triangles. We learn all about math problems. We do different math things like learn about time. We do Dreambox.
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by Addie & Milly

We are learning about non-fiction books in reading. We watch videos of co-teachers and they read us a book, like non-fiction books. They are teaching reading strategies. We are learning how to do partner reading the nice way.

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by Jaishri & Prisha

In phonics we learned about vowel teams like "ai" the "a" says "a" and the "i" stays quiet. "EA" like in treat, but the "a" stays quiet, too. A vowel team is when two vowels work together to make one sound. Like rain and boat. Sometimes the vowel team makes the other sound like "ow" says "o" our "ow". "Ay" in play, but the y does not talk, it stays silent. "Oo" makes "o" sound. "Ee" makes the "e" sound. Sometimes the "y" makes an "e" sound. "U" make and "oo" sound like in blue and glue. "Ow" in flower is makes "ow" and in rainbow it makes an "o" sound.

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by Addie & Ameya

We write weekend news about what we do in our life. We do how-to writing and teach someone how to do something. We are learning about fixing problems around us. We also learn about how to use good handwriting. Pictures help the readers know what to read.

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PE - Physica Education

by Vivasvan & Uu Vu

In PE we do stretches and take breaks. You make your heartbeat a lot. In PE you make your muscles strong. We want to go to school to do PE, play, and cool down. We want to get strong.

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by Julian

Sometimes at school, we watch videos. We sometimes will meet someone in a meeting with the recess teacher and we do some different stuff. What we do for recess we exercise and do some games that are exciting.
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In music, we have fun activities. When we joined first grade we got an assignment and we write our names two times and say our favorite song. Another song we sing is "Let it go" and "Show Yourself". We sing our favorite songs and we do some music zoom. We have an assignment of opera and make the blobs sing. It is so funny.
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Elmonica Elementary Class Spotlight

The mission of Elmonica Elementary is that together we promote high standards by:

· Practicing critical thinking skills through inquiry.

· Acquiring in-depth knowledge of globally significant ideas.

· Appreciating the unique qualities of each person, creating empathy, compassion, and international-mindedness.

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