Reading strategies part 2

Pegida leader poses as Hitler in a facebook profile picture

Skimming and scanning the text

1. Write you first impression after skimming the text.

Pegida is a German organization against Muslims and it's leader posted a picture of himself on Facebook with a Hitler-like mustache. I don't think the world was ready for this. I know that WWII was a long time ago, but it's not really the topic to make fun of. At least it's not very funny, and the fact that a man who is that much against Muslims makes that joke. That is just cold.

2. Write your general understanding after scanning. (After you have scanned the text for specific information).

Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West. That's what Pegida stands for. Lutz Bachmann wrote the caption "he's back" with the picture and when asked about it he said it was a joke. To me that is a very cruel, and unfunny joke. 6% of the German population are Muslims according to the article. 6% and they make an organization against Islamization.

I think i must throw it in there that Lutz Bachmann has reportedly criminal convictions for burglary, driving drunk or without a license, and dealing cocaine.

Key vocabulary and new important words



Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West. (pegida)


merely a joke,


threats to kill


My conclusion

my opinion on reading the text like this is that it really slows me down. I do though kind of skim the text beforehand but not in a way like this. I just look at the pictures and the headlines usually.

I did have a few difficulties but they are mostly because I am so impatient. I really wanted to just read the article straight away.

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4 questions about the article and a summary of the main idea

does Bachmann still lead the organization? no, according to a spokeswoman for Pegida, Kathrin Oertel, Bachmann had to step down from his leadership.

Did he change his profile picture after all of this? yes, he changed it to a picture of the actor Charlie Chaplin.

Are Muslims really "taking over" Europe? nope, according to the article there are a lot less Muslims in Europe than people actually think, and besides, most Muslims have to flee their homes because of war.

What did the people of Germany guess that the percentage of Muslims was in their country? they guessed 19% while it was only 6%


the leader of Pegida, organization against muslims, posted a picture of himself on facebook, with a hitler-looking mustache along with a nasty caption. He had to step down from his leadership because of this. Threats to kill Mr. Bachmann had been posted on social networks so now he's under police protection. Bachmann praised KKK organization, and used insulting words about immigrants. For that and hate speech he could be punished by German law. A lot less Muslims actually live in Europe than people think according to research carried out by the Ipsos MORI polling firm.