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Welcome to DCDS Library Services!

Today's school libraries don't look entirely like the ones we grew up with, and our philosophy of library services has evolved as well. Our DCDS librarians collaborate with each other and with other teachers to deliver not only lessons about the traditional areas of literature and reading, but also lessons on the essential skills of information literacy, the skills needed to locate, retrieve, analyze, and use information and resources effectively in this age of information overload. Students as young as 1st grade learn about research! Read more below about how your child will explore and learn this year.

Library services may be changing, but our core values have not. We believe: that libraries (and librarians!) exist to Teach, Inspire, and Explore; that intellectual freedom is a fundamental right for all; that literacy is essential across all platforms and disciplines; that reading for personal information and enjoyment leads to lifelong learning; and that respect for intellectual and creative property is everyone's responsibility.

Whether in the physical world or the virtual, our doors are open to the entire DCDS community. In addition to the collection in the library, each librarian maintains a website on our FinalSite portal that contains links to online research databases, recommended websites, and other resources. Check it out!

Our Libraries

@ the Upper School Library

Carol Keeler, Librarian ckeeler@dcds.edu

Upper School Library Portal page

Today’s libraries… they are a changing….and so is the Upper School library. Gone are the days of deep, dark stacks, micro-film and fiche, CD-Roms, card catalogs and large numbers of print magazines and newspapers. Today we offer our students, faculty and staff easy access to multiple formats of information, wireless access to the web and global connections, and yes….books. Library resources are available 24/7 from anywhere a patron can connect to the web. Our environment continues to change as well, as we encourage students to collaborate with one another on projects and in study groups. We provide spaces for individual quiet study, small group learning and large group meetings.

Students face many challenges in their use of information. Technology and the World Wide Web provide easy access to an infinite amount of information; yet finding the best information for any given task or informational need continues to be complicated. To assist students in their development of information retrieval and evaluation skills and their ethical use of all types of resources, students receive instruction in the following areas:

  • Identification and utilization of a complete range of resources, both in type and global context for complete research
  • Evaluation of the Authority, Accuracy, Bias, Currency and Coverage when using online sources
  • Understanding why and how to acknowledge credit when using information and ideas that are not their own
  • Application of “information filters” to locate the best information possible for all informational needs, both present and in the future

In addition, students are also encouraged to continue their exploration of new and favorite fiction authors. Reading may change from print to online, but engaging in reading for language development and pure relaxation is important to the life-long learner.

@ the Middle School Library

Cheri Dobbs, Librarian & PreK3-12 Coordinator of Library Services cdobbs@dcds.edu

Middle School Library Portal page

@ the Junior School Library

Amy Runyan, Librarian arunyan@dcds.edu

Junior School Library Portal page

Junior School students visit the library once a week for 45 minutes. The focus of each class is to learn and develop basic library skills, research and information literacy skills, and to encourage students to become lifelong readers and users of information. Junior School students begin to gain a sense of independence in the library, and they’re encouraged to check out books that support their enjoyment and educational reading needs. Students become more adept at using the Destiny catalog and locating a book using the call number, and they learn to check out independently. Students also learn the difference between print and electronic resources and how to use them when researching information. One of the main goals of the program is to collaborate with the classroom teachers in order to support the school’s curriculum.

Students are also encouraged to visit the library as necessary during the school day, and after school on the days when the library offers extended library hours. NEW!! Starting September 17, and following the PM schedule, the library will be open from 3-4 pm. Students may come to check out a book, work on homework, study, or use the library’s print and online resources. Students must be accompanied by a parent, unless they are coming from Sundown.

The Junior School Library is supporting public libraries and Library Card Sign-up Month in September by offering students a small prize and the chance to win a class party by showing his or her own public library card to the librarian, Ms. Runyan. Public libraries have so much to offer and the Detroit Country Day Libraries are proud to support them!

@ the Lower School Library