Nat Turner Rebellion

David Martin

Slave Rebellion

  • It is otherwise known has the Southampton Insurrection.
  • It took place in Southampton County in Virginia.
  • Happened during August, 1831.
  • Nat Turner had 3 visions and believed it was his destiny to rebel against the whites to protest slavery.
  • The final sign of the blue/green of the sun caused Nat to march toward Jerusalem the closest town and rebel.
  • Nat Turner led his men to kill 60 white men, women and children.

Lasting effects and results

  • Nat Turner and his 16 men were caught and executed.
  • Blacks were beheaded and their heads were left along the road to warn others.
  • Nat Turner was hung on November 11th 1831 and his body was then flayed, beheaded and quartered
  • The general assembly made it illegal to teach slaves to read or write and restrict blacks from having religious meetings without a white minister and other activities.


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