Come Visit Black Forest!

Visit the Black Forest in Todtnau, Germany!

Why is it called Black Forest?

The name “Black Forest” was given by the Romans who referred to the forest blocking out most of the sunlight from getting inside the forest by the dense growth of conifers. You should come visit! There's things to do all year-round including skiing! The dark, beautiful scenery is something you can't miss!

What is the climate like?

In the Black Forest it is normally very cold and temperate. There is a lot of rainfall, even in the driest times of the year. There is about 463 mm of precipitation annually.

Plants and animals in the Forest

The forest is mostly filled with pine trees creating a dark scenery, hence the name. There are many different animals in the forests including wildcats, the Western Capercaillie (Tetrau Urogallus), brown bears, foxes, wild pigs, bucks, deer, rabbit, eagles, Kolkrabe (raven), and the Sperlingskauz (owl).

Ecological Problem

Sections of the the forest have been wiped out to make room for additional villages, small businesses, etc. They need to quit wiping out parts of the land and they could start building things where there isn't trees and they don't have to cut trees down.

Fun Facts!

  • The wood in the forest is used to make many things, mostly cuckoo clocks!
  • There are many historical German villages.
  • There are some fairy tale-like villages.
  • Vegetation has destroyed the forest.
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This cycle is prevalent in my biome because it shows how everything works together for the forest to stay alive.